Halloween Kills' Michael Myers Meets Syfy's Chucky in Horror Crossover Promo

Iconic horror movie characters Chucky and Michael Myers crossed paths in a new television promo.

The ad promotes new releases starring both Chucky and Myers, respectively, as Don Mancini's television series Chucky debuted on SYFY & USA on Oct 13., while Myers returns to screens in the second installment of Blumhouse's reboot trilogy, Halloween Kills, which releases in theatres and on Peacock on Oct. 15.

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The promotion begins with Chucky pulling out his signature kitchen knife and proceeding to wildly stab something off-screen. The treacherous doll laughs menacingly as it is revealed he carved Michael Myers’ legendary mask into a pumpkin. However, standing just behind Chucky's new work of art is Myers himself, who plunges his own knife into the pumpkin.

This promo marks the first time the two villains have encountered one another, as well as the first time either character has crossed over with another major horror franchise. The cross-branded promotion was made possible by the involvement of Universal Studios, as the company is the distributor for the Halloween movies, and co-produces the new television series Chucky.

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Chucky recently premiered on SYFY & USA and is scheduled to run for 10 weeks, with new episodes dropping every Tuesday. The show is headed by franchise creator Mancini and writer for each of the seven Child's Play movies. In an interview prior to the series premiere, Mancini confirmed that Chucky would be as foul-mouthed as ever in his TV debut. "When I pitched the show and one of the things we had to get settled right up front, is that we would not be censoring Chucky's F-bombs because you just couldn't do Chucky without it," Mancini said. "That's not, that's just not possible."

Michael Myers' next outing, Halloween Kills, is the second installment in the reboot trilogy. "It's a movie I wanted to kind of reboot for a long time. -- I'm very proud of the Halloween that David Gordon Green and Jamie Lee Curtis and that team made, and the second one I think is as good if not better than the first. It's been great, and we're gonna follow up our reinventing of Halloween," said producer and Blumhouse CEO Jason Blu in a recent interview.

Halloween Kills premieres in theaters and on Peacock Oct. 15, while new episodes of Chucky premiere every Tuesday on Syfy and the USA Network.

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Source: YouTube, via Bloody Disgusting

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