Hawkeye's Captain America Musical Was Designed to Annoy the Avenger

Hawkeye director Rhys Thomas explained the reason behind creating the Captain America musical.

In an interview with CinemaBlend, Thomas explained how the original conception of Rogers: The Musical came about when he imagined how much the show would annoy Clint Barton. "I just had this image of Jeremy's world-weary face sitting in a Broadway theater watching it," he said. "It was just all about again anything that annoys Clint that felt right."

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Executive producer Trinh Tran also revealed how the musical was initially just a small background idea that flourished into a significant part of the series. "What started out as just an idea that would have been mentioned in the series -- a character would say something about a musical that the Avengers have or there will be a billboard shown in the background -- sort of escalated," she explained.

Rogers: The Musical is a Broadway production of the Battle of New York from 2012's The Avengers, featuring iterations of Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, Black Widow and even Loki alongside the star of the show Captain America. The musical number featured in the series was written by Marc Shaiman and Scott Witman, who have composed soundtracks to popular West End and Broadway musicals such as Hairspray and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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Hawkeye sees Jeremy Renner return in his role as Clint, alongside newcomer Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop. The six-episode series follows Clint and young archer Bishop in New York City following the events of Avengers: Endgame. Clint's mysterious past as Ronin comes back to bite him, and he must face up to the consequences in order to get home to his family for Christmas. "When I wore this suit, I made a whole lot of enemies," Barton explains in the trailer for Hawkeye.

Other additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Hawkeye include Vera Farmiga as Bishop's mother, Tony Dalton as Jack Duquesne, Zahn McClarnon as William Lopez, Alqua Cox as Echo and an adorable golden retriever as Lucky the Pizza Dog. The series will also feature the return of Linda Cardellini as Clint's wife Laura, and Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova, who was last seen in Black Widow's post-credits scene.

Hawkeye will be available for streaming on Disney+ on Nov. 24, with a two-episode premiere.

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