Hawkeye Focuses on What Sets Clint Apart From His Fellow Avengers

The cast and crew of Marvel Studios' Hawkeye recently discussed how Clint Barton's family sets him apart from the Marvel Cinematic Universe's other founding Avengers.

At a Hawkeye press conference attended by CBR, the team behind Marvel's next Disney+ original series spoke at length about the development of the series. When asked about working with actor Linda Cardellini, who plays Clint's wife Laura, director Rhys Thomas used the question as an opportunity to talk about what makes Hawkeye so unique amongst the line-up of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. After complimenting Cardellini's performance in the series, the director explained, "Clint's family life is a unique aspect of his character that as we've seen through his history of the MCU. So I think, naturally, it's a joy to be able to explore that some more and see that relationship, because it anchors, I think, a lot of who he is and what we've seen of him."

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Since his MCU debut in Thor, Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton has kept his personal life close to the vest. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, however, Clint revealed that he had a family away from his team, with a wife and three loving children tucked away in rural Missouri. Hawkeye's family was later shown in the tense opening to Avengers: Endgame, where the events of Thanos' Blip caused them to turn to dust. Speaking on revisiting Clint's lowest moment, Thomas said, "It was thrilling to me to get to step on the Barton Homestead and revisit that. 'Cause, again, those moments in Endgame were so iconic that, yeah, it felt quite bizarre standing by that tree on that field."

Though Clint's family (along with half the universe) eventually returned when the Hulk snapped reality back to the way it was before Thanos attacked, the events of Endgame will continue to weigh heavily on Hawkeye's mind. Footage from Hawkeye shows that the character will be enjoying some quality time with his kids by taking them to see Rogers: The Musical, a play that depicts the life and times of Captain America. Thomas explained that this sequence in Hawkeye will remind Clint of the trauma of Black Widow's death, saying, "That was the fun line with that scene, I think —--having this kind of light exterior and a fun sequence but ultimately digging at that other level of Clint that's going on."

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Clint will also be forced to relive his past through the presence of a mysterious new Ronin named Kate Bishop, played by Hailee Steinfeld. The upstart archer will develop a close relationship with Clint throughout the course of Hawkeye, forming a surrogate family dynamic. However, the presence of Kate's mom Eleonor may throw a wrinkle into that equation, as a new promo suggests that her character may not agree with her daughter's heroic double-life.

Hawkeye will debut with a two-episode season premiere on Nov. 24, exclusively on Disney+.

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