Hawkeye Producer Explains THAT Major Avengers Connection

WARNING: The following contains minor spoilers for the first episode of Hawkeye, "Never Meet Your Heroes," streaming now on Disney+.

Hawkeye producer Trinh Tran explained the major connection The Avengers in Kate Bishop's backstory.

In the opening scene of Hawkeye's first episode, we jump back to 2012 in New York City and meet a young Kate and her parents. After getting to know their dynamic, the family is interrupted by the Battle of New York, which destroys their home and kills Kate's dad. But before that, the future archer is saved by a well-placed arrow from Clint Barton, who she then sees jump off a roof and swing into a window, one of the most iconic moments from The Avengers.

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"We wanted to figure out a pivotal moment that made sense for Kate to enter the MCU, especially through her eyes," Tran told Gizmodo. "Out of all of the moments, the most memorable one is [the] Battle of New York and we were trying to figure out, obviously, her age and how it fits within that time frame, as well as the experience and the events and everything. And [the] Battle of New York was just the perfect time, [especially] because of [Hawkeye’s] iconic shot when he does that flip. I mean, I remember it to this day the first time I watched it."

Footage from the original film mixes with new shots to show how Kate's origin story ties directly into the birth of the Avengers. The moment leads Kate to dedicate herself to archery, along with fencing and martial arts, setting her up to become a hero when the show moves to the present day and the future Hawkeye meets the current one.

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As the Marvel Cinematic Universe has begun introducing more and more heroes, Kevin Feige and company have found clever ways to mix their origins into existing stories. For Kate, we see how the pivotal Battle of New York served as a catalyst for her to one day become a superhero. But as the rest of the episode shows, she still has a lot to learn. And this abundance of story to tell is one reason why Hawkeye shifted from a movie to a TV show.

The first two episodes of Hawkeye are out now. New episodes air Wednesdays on Disney+.

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Source: Gizmodo

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