What Is the Auction Where Kate Bishop Gets the Ronin Suit?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the first two episodes of Hawkeye, now streaming on Disney+

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has fleshed out its reach with each proceeding year giving way to new lived-in changes to the world. Some of the best little touches are the way corners of society have changed and evolved to adapt to the increasing number of heroes and villains in the world -- including one shady group that debuts in Hawkeye.

In Hawkeye's first episode, an underground auction of superhero memorabilia ends up introducing Kate Bishop to the Ronin costume and weaponry. But the idea of an underground superhero auction -- recently played up in the comics as well -- is a perfect addition to further flesh out the MCU.

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In Episode 1, "Never Meet Your Heroes," Kate Bishop is caught off guard by the revelation that her mother has gotten engaged since they last saw each other. Eleanor Bishop is now romantically involved with Jack Duquesne. A wealthy man who's seemingly caught her mother's eye, Jack initially comes across as just a smarmy flirt who tries to win Kate's approval. But there are hints that he's hiding secrets from his future bride -- including a connection to a seemingly shady organization. During a charity event that Kate is forced to attend by her mother, she ends up sneaking away and discovering a secret auction taking place in the basement level of the building. The event is attended by a handful of wealthy figures -- including Jack.

The auction is quickly revealed to be off the books and caters to items from the superhero community. The most relevant object on sale is the Ronin costume and sword, which formerly belonged to Clint Barton and was used by him during his global purge of criminals during the five years when the world was still dealing with the loss of half the world's population due to the machinations of Thanos. Jack expresses an interest in the suit, but a robbery by the Tracksuit Draculas ends up being a massive distraction, during which time Kate is able to sneak through the room and collect the Ronin suit, donning it herself so she can fight back against the criminals and escape.

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The idea of a superhuman-related auction is something various stories have toyed with in the past -- most recently with the Legacy House. Debuting in Wolverine #8 by Benjamin Percy and Viktor Bogdanovic, the Legacy House is an international group that sells unique relics and powerful weapons from the superhero and supervillain community to the highest bidder -- including even the brainwashed Maverick as a personal agent. When a new auction is revealed to be taking place in Madripoor, Krakoa is alerted to the existence of the group, and Wolverine, in disguise as Patch, sneaks into the event to rescue Maverick. In the process, he makes an enemy out of the Legacy House, setting up future conflicts against them.

Despite nominally being a recent addition to the Marvel Universe, it would be exciting to see the MCU adapt the idea and combine it with the auction that takes place in Hawkeye. The concept of an underground super-equipment auction sets up plenty of potential storytelling beats, and could further connect Madripoor -- introduced to the MCU in Falcon & The Winter Soldier -- to the rest of the universe. It's also just a devilishly clever idea, taking the villainous arms dealer elements of the MCU's Vulture and expanding it to become a more wide-reaching group. Hopefully, this isn't the last time MCU fans see the mysterious auction and the group running it, as it could become a useful element for various heroes and villains to run into over time.

To see Kate Bishop acquire the Ronin suit from the shady auction, the first two episodes of Hawkeye are now streaming on Disney+.

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