Hawkeye: The MCU's New Crime Family Has a Very Silly Name

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the pilot episode of Hawkeye, now streaming on Disney+.

With Disney+'s Hawkeye finally on the streaming service, audiences get to meet the Tracksuit Mafia, who were introduced in writer Matt Fraction and artist David Aja's Hawkeye run. In both the show and comic, these bros have major beef with Clint Barton; although, the Marvel Cinematic Universe versions are so far unaware that he is Ronin. With them officially in the MCU, let's go over who they are in the comics and how they tie into what's know about the new show.

Who Are the Tracksuit Mafia?

Introduced in Issue #1, the Tracksuit Mafia, a.k.a. the Tracksuit Draculas, are a mob based in New York. One of their key members, Banionis, owned the building Clint lived in, but after Banionis abused his renters for money, Clint forced Banionis into selling the building to him. This caused a lot of tension, as the Tracksuit Draculas' boss wanted to keep the building for the mob. Along with Clint interfering with the mob's typical criminal acts, things took a personal turn after Clint became the new landlord, leading to a raid on the building.

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Like Hawkeye, the Tracksuit Mafia are not superhuman, and most of them, aside from Banionis, remain nameless. While they are often comedic characters, they pose a real threat to Hawkeye, especially with their connections to larger scale criminals, like Kingpin, in the comics.

The Tracksuit Mafia and Pizza Dog

As seen in Issue #1, Lucky was formerly owned by the Tracksuit Mafia; however, they abused him. During a confrontation with the Tracksuit Mafia, Lucky tried to protect Clint, since the archer gave him pizza earlier on. This unfortunately led to one mobster kicking Lucky into traffic. After rushing Lucky to a vet for surgery, Hawkeye took Lucky in as his own.

The Disney+ series keeps Lucky's ownership a secret for now, but like in the comics, Pizza Dog does jump in to take on one of the mafia members. However, it isn't Clint who saves Lucky here. It's Kate Bishop, who saves Lucky from oncoming traffic after he flees the crime scene.

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The Tracksuit Mafia and Kazi

Along with Lucky's connection to the Tracksuit Mafia, another confirmed character has a key connection to the mob. Kazi, a.k.a. the Clown, is played by Fra Fee in the show, and the mercenary works directly with the Tracksuit Mafia. In the comics, after Hawkeye proves to be more of a thorn in the sides of New York's villains, the Tracksuit Mafia's boss offers to take out Clint, employing the help of the Clown.

Years ago, a young Kazi was saved by what appears to be a member of the mob after his family's circus burned down. From that moment on, he was taken in by the mafia. While Kazi has appeared briefly in Episode 2 of Hawkeye, little is known about his MCU counterpart for now, let alone if this backstory is the same. However, it is known his connections with the Tracksuit Mafia are still present.

To meet these villains, Hawkeye airs new episodes Wednesdays on Disney+.

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