HBO Max Reveals Dead Boy Detectives Recasts for Doom Patrol Spinoff

HBO Max has set the main cast for the Doom Patrol spinoff Dead Boy Detectives.

According to Variety, George Rexstrew, Jayden Revri and Kassius Nelson will play Edwin Paine, Charles Rowland and Crystal Palace, respectively. They take over for Ty Tennant, Sebastian Croft and Madalyn Horhcer, who played the characters in question in Doom Patrol Season 3. Rextrew, Revri and Nelson are also joined by Alexander Calvert as Thomas the Cat King, Briana Cuoco as Jenny, Jenn Lyon as Esther and Yuyu Kitamura as Niko, with Ruth Connell reprising her Doom Patrol character of Night Nurse.

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Created by Neil Gaiman, Matt Wagner and Malcolm Jones III, the Dead Boy Detectives debuted in 1991's The Sandman #25. The titular detectives -- Edwin and Charles -- died in the early 20th century, but their astral forms remained on Earth so they could continue to solve crimes. In April, it was announced that the characters would make their live-action debut in Doom Patrol, and HBO Max officially ordered a spinoff pilot in September. In early November, it was reported that the actors from Doom Patrol would be recast for the spinoff, much like how The Chief was recast for Doom Patrol after appearing in Titans.

"Charles and Edwin met at St Hilarion's school," writer Toby Litt explained to CBR in 2013. "Both were killed by a trio of extremely psychotic bullies. In the usual run of things, Charles would have been paid a friendly little visit by Death, and would have gone wherever he was destined to go. However, because things were getting a little confused with the afterlife at that point, and because Death was running late, had more important things to do and because she thought the boys were kind of sweet and amusing, she let them carry on as ghosts -- promising to return and gather them up one day. These events were narrated by Neil Gaiman as part of the 'Season of Mists' run of Sandman. All through the planning of the comic, we've gone back again and again to Neil's original story. It seems to set up so many fantastic possibilities."

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Dead Boy Detectives is written and executive produced by Steve Yockey, with Jeremy Carver and Berlanti Productions' Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, and David Madden also executive producing. The pilot has yet to receive a release date.

Source: Variety

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