Marshall was the Only Main Character in HIMYM Not in Love with Robin

In the earliest moments of How I Met Your Mother, a game of "Have you met Ted?" introduced the gang to Robin. Not only did she become a core member of their friend circle, but she also became a key love interest for Ted, Barney and, oddly enough, Lily. But Marshall was the only member of the crew who never seemed to be attracted to Robin, something that actually made a lot of sense when it came to his character.

Marshall, Lily, Ted and Barney were at MacLaren's, as they were every evening. But HIMYM Season 1, Episode 1 proved to be a watershed night out in their lives. Well, that and in the story of how Ted met his kids' mother. It was the beginning of a long narrative this brother and sister duo had to sit through that stretched across nine seasons.

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This was the evening that they met Robin Scherbatsky, a Canadian transplant trying to make her mark as a journalist in New York. Ted fell in love with her immediately. While Robin and Ted would end up together in the series finale, it was made crystal clear that she could not be the mother of his children. In fact, HIMYM Season 7, Episode 12 revealed that Robin was completely unable to have children.

Ted wasn't the only one in love with Robin. Barney had ongoing feelings for her, as well, which led to them getting married in HIMYM Season 9. Their wedding was the setting for that entire season. And while Lily wasn't exactly romantically interested in Robin, she repeatedly expressed a sexual interest in her best friend. This was one of the top running gags in the series.

The strange thing was that Marshall was the only member of their group who never showed any real interest in Robin. It was established quite early on that he only had eyes for Lily and rarely showed any desire for other women. In HIMYM Season 5, Episode 2, Marshall revealed that he was incapable of fantasizing about other women without imagining that Lily was dead first. Not surprisingly, Lily wasn't particularly pleased with this concept.

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Regardless, it was quite impressive that Marshall never saw Robin as anything other than a friend, though he did come close at one point. Season 6, Episode 11 detailed Barney's Mermaid Theory. Essentially, he believed that there was a time limit on a man changing his view of a woman from being a manatee to being a mermaid. It was in that same episode that Marshall nearly saw Robin as a mermaid but quickly made the change back to a manatee.

Marshall was a man with a one-track mind, and that track always led him back to Lily. Even when she left him in HIMYM Season 1, Episode 22, it was almost impossible for him to move on from her. And he didn't look at Robin as a romantic option during that time, either, though Ted dating her certainly helped that situation. It's hard to imagine Marshall and Robin having anything other than a platonic relationship.

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