Hit-Monkey's Biggest Plot Holes & Unanswered Questions

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Season 1 of Hit-Monkey, now streaming on Hulu.

In Season 1 of Hulu's Hit-Monkey, it gets pretty weird as Bryce (Jason Sudeikis) returns from the afterlife to partner with the monkey as both have a common vendetta. It marries the mystical realm with real-world action, leading to quite a few plot points the series doesn't explain. It's obviously to create mystery for Season 2, so let's dissect these unanswered questions and the plot holes that arise.

Why Does The Public Selectively Ignore Hit-Monkey?

The series is very inconsistent with how the public views a monkey walking around Japan with a sword and suit. Early on, some bystanders are stunned and try to snap pics, but as the show goes on, the monkey basically becomes invisible.

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It's weird as he's got no mystical shield, to the point he even attends a politician's funeral and no one bats an eye. When he's in the casino causing chaos, though, people spot him, but it goes off the rails again when he becomes a fugitive. Somehow, he moseys around town, despite being all over the news.

How Do People Understand Hit-Monkey?

It's never explained how Bryce can communicate with him, although this can be chalked up to their spiritual link. But for others, such as a casino worker who whispers to the monkey about coming up to the high-rollers' room, the show just relies on plot convenience.

Even in the end, when Haruka helps sneak the snow monkey out of Japan, they understand each other yet it's never clarified how. We do understand how the Tokyo monk spoke to the monkey as he was in touch with nature and animals, but no one else had proper reasoning.

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What Exactly Is Bryce's Connection To Hit-Monkey?

Fans are left in the dark as to how Bryce's spirit gets tethered to monkey in the first place. We see assassins killing Bryce and then slaughtering the monkey's clan, but there's no explanation as to how and why Bryce's ghost comes back to help the monkey.

It could be the "devil" Bryce's soul went to be owned by in the finale, but nothing has been confirmed to suggest they're part of a bigger game.

How Does Hit-Monkey Use Public Services?

During his journey, Hit-Monkey uses public transportation. But we have no idea how he can use the bus or even take a plane, outside of Haruka sneaking him into the hold.

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He doesn't have money, he can't talk to humans and no one would let an animal with a ticket on board. In addition, we don't know how the monkey gets a suit and pays for it as Bryce can't communicate with the tailor, creating even more comedic bits of plot convenience.

What Happened To Bryce's Family in Hit-Monkey?

We learn Bryce killed his step-dad, Eli, for killing his mom in a domestic fight, which leads to Bryce going on the run. Yet we don't know what happened to the woman and daughter he left behind.

Season 2 is sure to address this but it'd have been nice to see if they moved on or who they became without closure over the father's disappearance, which led to him becoming an assassin.

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Why Did Akiko Turn On Hit-Monkey?

Akiko sees Hit-Monkey kill her corrupt uncle, Shinji, after he became Japan's Prime Minister and tried to kill Haruka. Sadly, she turns on the monkey, despite knowing he tried to protect her. Sure, Shinji was her only family, but she hears Haruka speaking about Shinji's scheme to frame his rival, Ozu.

More so, she sees Shinji with Haruka's gun, and can hear how he killed his leader, Takahara, to steal power in the party. Shinji even fesses up to it, so Akiko, despite the hurt, should have acknowledged this as she wanted a better Japan. It's weird that Haruka doesn't try to convince her too as she's an honest cop.

Why Didn't Ito Use The Video Evidence?

Ito, Haruka's partner, early on has video evidence of the monkey killing and starting a Yakuza war. However, he wants to investigate on his own with Haruka as he thinks the department will laugh at him.

The thing is, their boss owes him a massive favor, so once Ito presented the video, he'd have gotten the resources needed, rather than being left as an outcast, ridiculed and bullied for chasing a monkey down.

To see the plot holes and unanswered questions in Hit-Monkey, the first season is now streaming on Hulu.

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