Hit-Monkey's Second 'Origin' is More Heartbreaking Than His First

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Season 1 of Hit-Monkey, now streaming on Hulu.

In Season 1 of Hulu's Hit-Monkey, amid the gore and violence, there's a lot of heart, soul and tragedy behind the title character's quest for revenge. He lost his clan, all as the result of a dark political war that spilled over from the city, turning him into this killer. However, midway through the season, just when it seems like he's made peace and left the assassin's life behind, the hapless Hit-Monkey gets reeled back in, crafting a second 'origin' that's way more heartbreaking than the first.

Don't get us wrong, it's very soul-crushing how Hit-Monkey was first made, with Bryce recovering in their hot springs after a hit on a Prime Ministerial candidate. Sadly, his employers sent a clean-up crew who eliminated him, as well as the monkeys around, causing Bryce's ghost to return to the land of the living.

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It gave him purpose and a chance to atone, helping Hit-Monkey kill the perps in what Bryce felt would help his soul ascend. Sadly, Hit-Monkey's just a pawn in his game, but he soon uses salt to trap Bryce in a mystical prison, and he goes back home. At the springs, he finds a new clan, but they treat him like an outcast too.

He does befriend one young monkey, Koji, who believes Hit-Monkey can be better after burying his suit and gun. Sadly, a turf war breaks out with more aggressive snow monkeys, the Red Stripes, which leads to immense violence. Hit-Monkey, desperately seeking approval, challenges Koji's people to fight back, as he despises bullies.

Unfortunately, the war goes awry, as one of the evil monkeys cracks Koji with a stone on his head, killing the poor kid. It leaves his clan broken, driving Hit-Monkey to unearth his gun and shoot the oppressors down in cold blood. But at this point, the clan blames him, with even the female monkey he fell in love with deeming him a monster. They abandon the area, leaving Hit-Monkey alone again, only for the ghost of his master to visit.

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This mentor haunted him in the show before the prodigal son came back, making it clear his love for violence was always meant to doom him. Now, the old head's accepted what Hit-Monkey is and how it can't be changed. He tells the assassin he can't choose anymore, as he's destined to walk both paths -- the human world, as well as theirs.

Hit-Monkey's resigned to becoming a killer again, but this time, he's truly empty inside. He finally found a family, a sense of peace and let go of his rage, but just when he thought happiness would be his reward, he learns he's tethered to slaughtering the living and being a murderer for the rest of his life.

To see how Hit-Monkey and Bryce's partnership leads to bloodshed, the first season is now streaming on Hulu.

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