How Hit-Monkey Sets Up a Season 2

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Season 1 of Hit-Monkey, now streaming on Hulu.

As Season 1 of Hit-Monkey progresses, the titular assassin realizes he's more than just a one-man wrecking crew. The monkey finds humanity, so to speak, as Bryce does the same, teaching him that killing will indeed make him the very monster that destroyed the lead character's monkey clan in the beginning. However, while both reunite and chart a course for new adventures, seeds have been sown for a high-octane Season 2.

Who is Hit-Monkey's New Lady Bullseye?

The original Lady Bullseye tried to stop Hit-Monkey and Bryce from killing the corrupt Prime Minister, Shinji, only to get killed herself. Sadly, Akiko, Shinji's niece, was seen wearing Lady Bullseye's mask in the final shot of the season, confirming she wants to kill the monkey for murdering her uncle. She doesn't care if Shinji manipulated the political race; she hates how the last of her kin was robbed from her by Hit-Monkey's bullet.

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This could see her training with the very best, such as the Hand, to become a killer like in the comics. She'd also have power, wealth and influence passed down from Shinji, so she could hire thugs or the Yakuza, and she could use her political connections to take down the monkey. Tragically, the monkey and Akiko did have a close bond when she thought he was her friend, so it will be quite emotional for both.

Who Will Join Silver Samurai and Bullseye?

Apart from Akiko, many killers will want to scalp the monkey to build their reputation. Silver Samurai swore to protect Japan's leader, but he failed, so he can lead the chase. However, fresh faces are sure to join, with the likes of Bullseye wanting to show the world he's the best.

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Seeing as the monkey and Bryce left Japan, it'd make sense that some people outside of the country would want to collect the bounty on them, with Elektra or Deadpool being examples candidates. Interpol, Japan's secret service and other spies can take matters into their own hands as well to ensure the title character pays.

What Happened to Bryce in Hit-Monkey?

Bryce's soul returned from the afterlife as the devil released him from boredom. He now has telekinesis, so he and Hit-Monkey will have to train. They can seek the fraternity connected to the dead monk who helped them in Tokyo, as he could see Bryce's ghost and help the duo out on their mystical journey.

This could shed light into how Bryce returned as a spectre and why he's supernaturally tethered to the monkey. It might also explain why they can understand each other, with Bryce finally unlocking his purpose as a warrior. Furthermore, Bryce can seek out the woman and child he left behind when he went on the run. All this could balance out his emotions, making him better if he really wants to be a hero.

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Can Daredevil, Iron Fist, Shang-Chi and Others Enter Hit-Monkey?

The monkey already has Yuki, the ghost in Tokyo, and Fat Cobra, who loves his fighting spirit, so Season 2 can look at other Marvel heroes. Daredevil, Iron Fist and Shang-Chi come to mind, or someone who's into bloodshed like him, such as The Punisher. The likes of Domino and Wolverine are also contenders, with this search being something that could take the duo to Madripoor.

Haruka will also be trying to help, as the cop knows what Shinji did and how his crusade led to her partner's death, as well as many innocents'. She may try to convince the department to help clear the monkey's name, hoping they won't be bought out. The chief's also got a shady past, so Haruka will have to fight hard to get them to believe the monkey isn't a terrorist.

To see how Hit-Monkey sets up Season 2, the first season is now streaming on Hulu.

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