How Long Does Ghost of Tsushima Take to Beat

Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima has quickly become a staple game for the PlayStation since its release in 2020. From its story to its gameplay, the title feels like an interactive cinematic experience. What makes playing the game even more enjoyable is how the world feels alive by including natural events such as wind and animals as navigational tools. But one of the best parts of the game is how even after the story is completed, there is still so much more to experience.

Ghost of Tsushima offers hours of entertaining and often poignant stories to discover. With the DLC expansion, Iki Island, those experiences have grown even more. But the actual amount of time it takes to beat and complete the game and its DLC may not be something most gamers know. But even after learning how long it takes to fully play through Ghost of Tsushima, will it still be worth it?

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Ghost of Tsushima Can Take a Day and a Half to Finish


Ghost of Tsushima revolves around the themes of family, duty and honor. Early in the game, samurai warrior Jin Sakai and his uncle's army are defeated by Mongol forces. With his uncle kidnapped, Jin leads a solo attack on the fortress only to be seemingly killed. Following his recovery, he learns that to beat the Mongols, he has to fight without honor. In doing so, he risks dishonoring his uncle and his family.

The game features cinematic fight sequences coupled with a personal and often heart-wrenching story. Players who want to rush the story can beat it in 16 hours. Doing so also means that skipping cutscenes and using fast travel points are a must. But for those that want to take their time exploring, the story can take close to 33 hours to beat. A good chunk of this time will be spent on horseback. riding across the massive map to find the next quest location. On average, players are looking at just over 24 hours to beat the story mode in its entirety.

It Can Take Most of a Week to 100% Ghost of Tsushima


Once Ghost of Tsushima's main story is complete, the excitement is far from over. Right off the bat, players can experience the game all over again with New Game Plus. This will allow fans to play through Jin's story again, with all weapons and upgrades from the last playthrough. Completionists can also explore a seemingly endless amount of collectibles and side experiences, from duels to side missions. These will usually take the longest as they are a part of a multi-part side narrative. However, some of the most time-consuming collectibles may be the records, banners, singing crickets and Mongol artifacts. But for players looking to skip exploration, the Traveler's Attire will reveal those locations as well.

Unlike the hot springs and fox dens that litter the island and appear on a map with each Mongol stronghold defeated, the Hidden Altars will be the most challenging items to find. Marked only by a small post with the symbol of a man bowing, players must find them and bow to activate a special animation and eventually earn a trophy. Unfortunately, however, there is no shortcut to finding these items sooner. Speedrunners can expect to complete the game in just over 45 hours, relying heavily on fast travel. Leisurely players can complete the game in 123 hours, with the average completionist run taking just over 59 hours to complete.

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Beating and Completing Iki Island Can Add Another 20 Hours


Following the release of the PlayStation 5, Sucker Punch released a Director's Cut of Ghost of Tsushima that also includes a new DLC expansion, Iki Island. The expansion continues Jin's story as he tries to free another island of Mongol influence. For players looking to speedrun its story, it takes just under four hours to complete. Players wanting to take their time exploring the world can complete the campaign in seven and a half hours. On average, the story takes slightly over five hours to beat, offering a complete story.

For completionists, the New Game Plus and extras will take players six and a half hours to speedrun, while slower players will complete the game in about 20 hours. This is partly due to new side experiences like memories of Jin's past and even more animal sanctuaries to discover. On average, Iki Island will take just under nine hours to complete. There's a seemingly insurmountable amount of content to discover in the main game and its DLC. But the experience and memories made while playing the game make each second worthwhile and deserving of a chance.

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