New Hulk Trailer Promises a Reinvented Version of the Marvel Hero

A new trailer for Hulk #1 by Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley has smashed the Internet.

Posted on social media and YouTube, the motion comic trailer hypes up the green goliath's upcoming global rampage that no one--governments, armies or heroes like the Avengers--can handle. After the trailer was posted and promised that Hulk would be "immortal no more," Immortal Hulk began to trend on Twitter, the previous Hulk title helmed by writer Al Ewing and artist Joe Bennett. Cates and Ewing have now switched roles, with Ewing penning Venom with Ram V.--the series Cates used to launch the antihero to the forefront of Marvel Comics--while Cates shifts his attention onto the gamma giant.

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Cates has a trend of taking characters into brand new directions that readers have never seen before. With Venom, he added on to the symbiote mythos with the aid of artist Ryan Stegman, the two creating the villain Knull, God of the Symbiotes, and delving into a transformation for Eddie Brock that stretched across their run and two Marvel events: Absolute Carnage and King in Black. While Cates and Stegman have departed Venom after making Eddie the new King in Black, Cates also began writing Thor in 2020, making the God of Thunder a herald of Galactus, fighting enemies from old Thor lore and more as he continues his tenure on the title.

With Invincible alum artist Ottley's work gracing the trailer, fans get a glimpse of what new directions Bruce Banner and the Hulk may be moving in. Artwork showing confrontations with the Avengers and Fantastic Four, a giant M.O.D.O.K. and a "reinvention" of the Hulk into a cyborg-like being are teased in the video, the new design showing Hulk with a tech helmet and implanted machinery. Back during his [email protected] panel in July 2021, Ottley's Invincible collaborator and the title's creator, Robert Kirkman, said that the new Hulk team's book "is super cool" and worth checking out.

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Solicitations for Hulk #1 and future issues provide more context to Hulk's redesign and a moment seen in the trailer. Behind the new Cyclops-like visor Hulk will be sporting, we catch a glimpse of Bruce Banner sitting in a chair as though he is in command of the gamma cyborg. Solicitations for the series' second issue reveal that Banner will have locked the Hulk's mind away entirely, with the being also getting launched into space (not for the first time though), a commonality of Cates' cosmic work with titles like Thor, Silver Surfer: Black, Thanos and Cosmic Ghost Rider.

Hulk #1 is written by Cates with interior and cover art by Ottley, along with many variant covers created by various artists. The issue goes on sale Nov. 24 from Marvel Comics.

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