Image Comics' Grrl Scouts Stone Ghost #1 Comic Review

Artist Jim Mahfood's creator-owned comic book, Grrl Scouts, takes inspiration from Jamie Hewlett's Tank Girl. Grrl Scouts follows the bizarre adventures of Gwen, Daphne, and Rita as they romp about the neighborhood indulging in illicit activities. After finding a permanent home in Image Comics in 2002, Mahfood made two more volumes, with the latter being more psychedelic. The latest Grrl Scouts miniseries expands this zany world's horizons with a new cast of characters and a mindboggling new adventure.

While the last Grrl Scouts comic book had sci-fi elements woven into it, the latest miniseries from Mahfood embraces the genre. Grrl Scouts Stone Ghost #1 follows Dio, a bounty hunter named Turtleneck Jones, and their handler Gordi, who sends them on a mission against the sinister cult of The Teeth. After the death of her boyfriend, Dio is reeling from heartache and takes the bounty hunting job to alleviate her sorrow. Unbeknownst to Dio and Turtleneck Jones, they are moving at light speed straight into the jaws of The Teeth.

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Grrl Scouts Stone Ghost #1 is written, drawn, colored, and lettered by Jim Mahfood. The debut issue is a sensory overload of information, with flashbacks and expositions forming the story's backbone. The off-beat narrative focuses on Dio, making her the central character in this round of the Grrl Scouts series. Mahfood writes a familiar story, but he balances it out with enough drama, thrill, and unpredictability to make this debut issue an incredible addition to the Grrl Scouts universe that keeps the reader guessing till the end.

Jim Mahfood's wacky artwork is at the heart of Grrl Scouts' universe. Be it full-on gang wars or booze-filled escapades, his continuous lines and liberal scribbling gives off a cartoonish aesthetic. His art style highlights the recklessness of the story and the madcap humor of the book. Grrl Scouts Stone Ghost #1 has a gritty atmosphere accentuated by a restricted color palette. Mahfood creates panels after panels of dynamic art. The oft chance that the color red appears on the page symbolizes evil and incoming danger.

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Grrl Scouts Stone Ghost #1 is an over-the-top, zany adventure that follows a new ensemble of characters as crazy as the titular ones. While it does not reach the same heights of depravity and gore as the original Grrl Scouts series, the overall aesthetic remains the same. The story has a lot of heart, and the script deftly projects Dio's pain onto the audience. Grrl Scouts Stone Ghost #1 forges a new beginning to compel readers to return to the series.

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