DC'sInfinite Frontier #6 Comic Review

DC Comics' latest multiversal event saw the Flash being trapped and mind-controlled by Psycho-pirate to run on an enormous cosmic treadmill to harness energy for his master, Darkseid. As the story unfolds, all roads lead to Earth-Omega where the Justice Incarnate and other superheroes from different universes and timelines ready themselves for a final confrontation. Conducted by writer Joshua Williamson and artist Alejandro Germánico, Infinite Frontier acts as a soft reboot to this event and seeks to restore the DC multiverse to its former glory by acknowledging and integrating its vast history and legacy. The final issue of the series reveals a great secret and acts as the stepping stone for DC's next big crisis event.

Infinite Frontier #6 opens with President Superman's Justice Incarnate, Alan Scott, and several superheroes from all corners of the multiverse allying. The team fights against hordes of multiversal villains assembled by Psycho-Pirate -- under the command of Darkseid -- who wants Black Lantern Roy Harper to attack his friends. Meanwhile, Thomas Wayne distracts Machinehead which makes it possible for President Superman to help free Barry Allen. As the Flash is set free, it prompts the evil God to step in with his omega beams.

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This isn't Joshua Williamson's first foray into penning an important event for DC Comics -- having already being at the helm of The Flash series during the Rebirth era and currently chronicling Robin's solo journey. Despite the open-ended action, Williamson switches the issue's narrative focus from character to character while keeping events linear. The story has a lot of heart in it that resonates throughout the pages and in the actions of the heroes. A sight to behold is Tom Napolitano's lettering that adds another extra dimension to this inter-dimensional story, providing a striking aesthetic to the issue.

After providing additional pencils and inking in interim issues, artist Alejandro Germánico, also known as Xermánico, is back in the finale to provide illustrations for the book, which he does with creative fervor. Xermánico uses clean lines and expressive visages that place the focus on the central characters. But where the art truly shines is the energy that emanates from dynamic action and expansive panels decorating the pages. Equally impressive is colorist Romulo Fajardo Jr.'s work, which does a fantastic job at breathing life into the panels. His use of different shades of vibrant colors against the backdrop of a grey, dead world helps pop up the various details and the art's epic scale.

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Infinite Frontier #6 is a spectacular journey from start to finish, with stunning visuals and a compelling resolution to the cosmic event that heralds a new beginning for the DC Comics Universe. Even though Williamson keeps the fast pace of the narrative going until the very last page, he crafts introspective moments that grant depth to his protagonists. Infinite Frontier concludes with a glimpse into the threats to come and an epilogue that gives a new nomenclature to the fractured cosmos of the original multiverse.

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