Marvel Announces John Romita Jr.'s Amazing Spider-Man Return This Spring

Legendary comic book artist John Romita Jr. is returning to Amazing Spider-Man.

Marvel Comics released a teaser image to announce Romita Jr.'s return, showing Spider-Man swinging through the streets of New York City in what looks to be his classic costume, a suitable direction for what will likely be an in-demand issue. The art is joined by a caption that points towards April 2022 as the date of JRJR's return to the series.

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Romita Jr. first drew Spider-Man in 1977's Amazing Spider-Man Annual #11. The son of iconic Amazing Spider-Man artist John Romita Sr., JRJR went on to illustrate many of the wall-crawler's most significant moments in the following decades and is considered by many fans to be one of the best Spider-Man artists ever. During his time as the artist for Amazing Spider-Man, he co-created hundreds of characters, including Hobgoblin, Madame Web and Morlun. Romita's last issue on the title was Amazing Spider-Man #600 in 2009, which featured a dramatic overhaul of Doctor Octopus that laid the foundation for Dan Slott's eventual Superior Spider-Man storyline.

In 2014, JRJR left his longstanding contract with Marvel to work for the distinguished competition at DC Comics. While there, he drew popular runs on Silencer, Superman and All-Star Batman. In 2019, he teamed with frequent collaborator Frank Miller for the DC Black Label title Superman: Year One before teaming with Brian Michael Bendis for the final issues of his Action Comics run. In between these marque books, JRJR relaunched a new era of Kick-Ass along with co-creator Mark Millar for Image Comics.

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Last spring, Marvel announced that Romita Jr. would return to draw for some of its biggest heroes, with Fantastic Four #35 as his first issue back, which celebrated 60 years of Marvel's first family. In addition to this issue, JRJR has contributed multiple covers to titles such as Spider-Man: Life Story Annual and Elektra: Black, White & Blood. Still, the legendary artist has yet to sign onto an ongoing series, making the prospect of him drawing Amazing Spider-Man big news for fans.

Before JRJR returns in April, Spider-Man has a full calendar to work through. In February, Amazing Spider-Man will introduce the Queen Goblin, a mysterious new enemy and the latest in a long line of Goblin-themed adversaries. Then, in March, Peter Parker will face off against Ben Reilly who, after Peter was severely injured, became Spider-Man Beyond, a corporate hero and the only spider-themed vigilante who could legally claim the name. Their battle is set to appear in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #93, which will determine the face of Spider-Man moving forward and end the "Beyond" storyline.

Romita Jr. returns to Amazing Spider-Man in April 2022.

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Source: Marvel Comics

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