Jonathan Hickman Shares Details on His Abandoned X-Men Projects

As Jonathan Hickman prepares to take a break from the X-Men, the writer revealed a number of X-projects that he had to abandon.

Hickman, speaking to AIPT!, discussed some plots that he was forced to drop due to numerous production issues. "I had to pull all the Rogue stuff out of Inferno and I’m pretty bummed about that," the writer said. "We just didn’t have the real estate." He went on to say that while he was tempted to push for additional issues on the upcoming Inferno storyline, he realized that it would have caused more problems for the team. "I had to move on."

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Hickman also detailed multiple books that Marvel considered adding to the X-Men line at one time or another. Amongst these ideas were potential titles for the Imperial Guard and the Children of the Vault. Both teams were heavily featured throughout Hickman's X-Men run, with the Children of the Vault playing a pivotal role in shaping the new X-Men lineup. Ultimately, these ideas were either shifted to the side or integrated elsewhere. "The big questions and resulting conflicts I was getting at aren't disappearing from the line — those things are baked in," Hickman said. "They're inevitable in a lot of ways."

After shaking the X-Men to their core with the release of House of X and Powers of X, Jonathan Hickman helmed X-Men and alternating issues of New Mutants. However, with writer Gerry Duggan taking over X-Men in the wake of the Hellfire Gala and Vita Ayala writing New Mutants after X of Swords, Hickman has quietly stepped back from the spotlight. The writer recently announced that he would be leaving the X-Men for the foreseeable future, though he did tease that he would be involved in a weekly X-Men series sometime next year.

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Before he departs, Hickman will be writing Inferno, a four-issue mini-series that follows up on threads that he has laced throughout various X-Men projects. It pits Mystique against the X-Men as she tries to resurrect her late-lover, Destiny. As a precog, Destiny has the ability to see the future, which threatens to expose the truth behind Krakoa's current status quo. Marvel has teased that somebody will betray their fellow mutant in the new storyline, which could spell trouble for the X-Men.

While many fans may lament Hickman's departure, the X-Men franchise is in good hands. Since "Dawn of X" began, the X-Men office was utilized a "writer's room" approach to storytelling, one that sees everybody collaborating and sharing ideas. And though Hickman jokes that he's going to shut down the legendary X-Slack, the writer said, "If I'm being completely honest, I'm kinda jealous of some of the stuff they're getting ready to do over the next few years. The plans are amazing."

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Source: AIPT!

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