Juggernaut Is Secretly a HUGE Fan of a Classic Marvel Mutant

The Juggernaut is one of the most iconic Marvel villains. Beginning life as an X-Men villain, he's gone up against countless other powerful forces, like Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and The Avengers. But he's also quietly been revealed to have a potentially noble side and a soft spot for one Marvel hero in particular.

One of the quiet throughlines of the Juggernaut's character has been his long-standing fandom for the mutant hero/singer, Dazzler. In fact, their connection even played a part in his original turn towards heroism and could resurface in the near future.

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When they came to blows, Juggernaut even showed surprising restraint by pulling his punches, walking off her attacks, and trying to warn her away from heroics. When the sheer exhaustion of their battle led to her collapse, Juggernaut openly grieved her apparent demise. He even tried to honour her memory by burying her which inadvertently almost doomed her. Luckily, thanks to Psylocke's telepathy, she was found and rescued by her teammates. Later, they'd work together to bring down Juggernaut, who was openly joyful to see Dazzler still alive. Even when Dazzler helped defeat him by removing his helmet and leaving him exposed to telepathy, Juggernaut apparently bore no ill will towards Dazzler. It was a surprising show of humanity from the character, especially during the relatively early history of the character.

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At the time, Juggernaut was still a largely one-note villain. The largest show of his humanity had been his deep friendship with Black Tom. But revealing himself to be a fan of Dazzler hinted at a shockingly soft side of the character. Juggernaut even eventually got the chance to directly work alongside Dazzler. During the period where Juggernaut attempted to become a hero, he joined up with a new incarnation of Excalibur. He made a particular case of protecting Dazzler after she was attacked by dark variants of the founding X-Men. Juggernaut even began to develop romantic feelings while they worked together, although Dazzler didn't feel the same way. The pair still developed a deep friendship by the time he left the team and reaffirmed his role as the Juggernaut during World War Hulk.

Juggernaut's affection for Dazzler and her music was one of the early hints of the depths to the Juggernaut and his eventual team-ups with her showcased this further. Some of his greatest moments of potential redemption came about because of his fandom. In the modern era, Dazzler has found new life as a music star, attracting fans like the central characters of Children of the Atom. Juggernaut is also currently back on a more heroic path and is even set to become a part of the upcoming Legion of X. The series might give Juggernaut the chance to see Dazzler once more, especially after she's become more prominent on Krakoa. Dazzler is quietly one of the more important figures to the Juggernaut's eventual redemption and could help ensure he stays on that heroic path going forward.

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