Camp Cretaceous Needs to Fix For Season 4

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous has defied exceptions in how it's expanded the Jurassic Park mythos. What could have easily been a cheesy, kiddie adventure has turned out to be pretty dark as Darius and Co. have been marooned at Site A, fending off the T-Rex and a multitude of other dinos as they've got no contact with an outside world who thinks they're dead. Now, with Season 4 having them washed up on a new island, facing even greater dangers, let's dissect what needs to be fixed to improve the series even more.

Season 4 of Camp Cretaceous Needs To Stop Toying With Death

Season 1 ended by hinting that Ben died when he fell off the monorail, but this was a fake-out to allow him and Bumpy to bond and rejoin the team. However, seeing as Bumpy remained on Site A and Ben isn't a dino-whisperer anymore, he could be a possible victim. The show certainly shouldn't kill for shock factor, but it'd add emotional gravitas.

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Whether it's Ben, or another cast member like a Kenji who's yet to really show that he's selfless, it'd be a mature, nuanced move to show actions do have consequences. Plus, let's be real -- teens on an island with new beasts, robot hunters, drones, etc. have a higher probability of dying. This creates a dynamic even the movies are scared of, trying hard to protect its heroes at all costs, when death simply reinforces how high-stakes life is on these islands.

Season 4 Has To Patch Plot Holes And Conveniences

The narrative in the seasons thus far hasn't been all that air-tight, with many weak points arising. Seeing Brooklynn with a damaged ankle outracing dinos is laughable at best, while the fact that they could also fight dinos with poisonous spikes on them, and not get infected despite touching the spikes, leaves a lot to be desired.

The show understandably wants to paint a grim aesthetic, but these loopholes the protagonists use to escape detracts from that. It just paves the way for Hail Mary attempts that don't fit with logic, as seen when the terrorist left guns for the kids to use against them in battle. Let's hope these minor issues are ironed out to ensure the show keeps its credibility.

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Season 4 Needs To Connect More To The Jurassic World Movies

Darius mentioned Dr. Alan Grant as an idol of his in Season 1, and with Dominion now having dinos running wild all over America, it'd make sense to connect both worlds. There's no longer a safe haven back home, so whether it be Jurassic World's Owen or Claire visiting on a rescue mission, or even communiques sent to Alan or Ellie from the original Jurassic Park films, it'd help make Darius and the teens figureheads in the lore.

As it stands, they're just add-ons that straddle the line as canon, so something other than Dr. Wu's vendetta would help cement the kids in the franchise. Jeff Goldblum's Ian Malcolm would be a great fit to help rescue them too, as his "life finds a way" speech definitely feels made for the new island they're encountering. What this would do is break the teens' sense of hope too as they'd know there might not be a home or families to return to.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Season 4 premieres Dec. 3 on Netflix. Meanwhile, Jurassic World: Dominion hits theaters June 10, 2022.

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