Kang: How Marvel Mashed Up Ms. Marvel and the MCU Villain

In the first season finale of Loki, the Marvel Cinematic Universe introduced its first Nathaniel Richards and teased the rise of his vicious variant, Kang the Conqueror. The series included the promise that there Marvel Multiverse includes many versions of this character, and one of the strangest versions of Kang is a relatively new character who appeared at the heart of a recent Marvel crossover -- and has the potential to be a truly unique take on the character.

In 2018's Infinity Wars by Gerry Duggan, Mike Deodato, and Frank Martin -- as well as the story "Kamala Kang" by Chris Hastings and Kev Walker from Infinity Warps #2 -- introduced a fusion of Kang the Conqueror and Ms. Marvel to the multiverse.

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Spinning out of the hunt for the Infinity Stones in Infinity Countdown, the ensuing Infinity Wars event focuses on Gamora, now going by the title of Requiem. By killing her father Thanos and claiming the Infinity Stones from across the universe, she attempted to reduce the population of the galaxy not by killing anyone, but instead by fusing people together into new forms, effectively folding the universe in half. This resulted in the Warp World, a reality where heroes like Doctor Strange and Captain America had their lives mixed into one person, creating someone new. One of these fusions was between Kamala Khan -- the heroic young Ms. Marvel -- and the time-traveling future despot, Kang the Conqueror. This resulted in the creation of Kamala Kang -- a peppy new variant of Kang and Ms. Marvel.

In the Warp World, Kamala was exposed to Chronogen Mists -- which warped her perception of the universe and gave her the ability to "embiggen her cosmic perspective," effectively allowing her to stretch across the course of time and space. After hearing so many stories from her father about seeing Doctor Ecklestein in person, Kamala goes back to visit him -- only to accidentally change the timeline by distracting him as he crossed the road, leading to him being struck by a car. She attempts to fix the timeline, only to mess it up further by accidentally ensuring her father was struck by the car instead. But within moments, more and more variants of Kamala appeared on the scene, each of them claiming they're the key to solving the crisis -- and seemingly creating a confusing time-knot for Kamala Kang to solve.

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However, the Warp World was not a stable reality unto itself. Located in the heart of the Soul Stone, the world was merely a trap for the ravenous Devondra -- who consumes souls and would soon attempt to do so to the trapped heroes. With the help of Emma Frost, the unaffected Loki was able to assemble a group of heroes to try and restore reality -- with each one suited to utilize a different Infinity Stone. As Kang and Ms. Marvel were two of those candidates (Kang's mastery of time gives him the experience to wield the Reality Stone, while Ms. Marvel's innocence allows her to be the best suited to use the Mind Stone), Loki arranged for their specific fusions to occur.

Using the stones they'd already collected, Emma and Loki were able to separate the pair, with the duo assisting in the newly assembled team's mission to stop Gamora and defeat Devondra. Ultimately, the Warp World even gets the chance to survive -- with the assembled fused heroes being allowed to live in their own pocket dimension within the Soul Stone. This means that the fusions all get another chance at life -- potentially including Kamala Kang. It would be interesting to see not just an innocently heroic Kang roaming the multiverse but one who has elements of an ambitious (and potentially dangerous) Ms. Marvel as well. In a multiverse full of Kang variants, Kamala the Conqueror remains one of the most unique -- and potentially fascinating.

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