Lost Judgment: How to Easily Beat Juzo Amon Guide

Each game in the Yakuza franchise features an incredibly difficult boss fight with a character named Amon. Lost Judgment is no different, pitting players against Juzo Amon. While the fight is by far the hardest in the game, there are actually a few tricks players can use to make the battle extremely easy.

After completing all of the side cases in Lost Judgment, players are able to get "A Final Request -Reprise-" from Yokohama 99 or the Yagami Detective Agency. This will direct them to Hamakita Park, where they'll meet with meet Shin Amon, whom protagonist Takayuki Yagami defeated in the original Judgment. Initially, Shin wants a rematch with Yagami, but Juzo interferes and teleports Yagami to the roof of Seiryo High School, where they fight. Juzo is tough. In his first round, he mostly just punches at Yagami, and he's pretty easy to dodge and deal out damage to. However, in his second stage, Juzo shoots lasers from his hands, deploys exploding drones, calls down airstrikes and heals.

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There are a few preparations players can make for the fight with Juzo regardless of how they're going to fight him. Firstly, stock up on recovery items, as Juzo does a ton of damage. Luckily, unlike in Judgment, Yagami still has access to his phone, so he can use items. Secondly, switch gear so as to prioritize recovering from being stunned. A lot of Juzo's attacks will stun Yagami, and that's when he'll take advantage by healing. As a note, the following will only apply to the main game version of the Juzo fight, as the one in Gauntlet mode is different in such a way as to basically negate this strategy.

The best strategy for beating Juzo without too much issue lays in taking advantage of extract and does depend on whether or not a player has Lost Judgment's DLC. If the player doesn't have Lost Judgment's DLC, create five Warrior's Onslaught extracts, with ingredients to make a few more. Then, once Juzo enters his second phase, use Warrior's Onslaught. Keep using the extract's ability, as Juzo won't be able to defend effectively against its attacks. Eventually, he'll go down. Take care to keep the buff up without any gaps. It might take some time to learn how to really use the extract effectively, but it will work.

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For those who have the Lost Judgment DLC, there are a whole host of new extracts that can help. Insta-Flux, Guardian Spirit and Temporal Zen can be effective in making the fight against Juzo easier. Conversely, Lightning Blade, Unyielding Wave and Energy Burst are too slow to do much. However, the best extract is Telekinesis. Essentially, this extract allows Yagami to grab his opponent from a distance and damage them in the air. It doesn't do a ton of damage, but it can effectively whittle away Juzo's health.

Timing is key, and getting it just right can get Juzo caught in a loop. After Telekinesis lifts Juzo into the air, spam the relevant command the moment his feet touch the ground again. Juzo may occasionally get off a hit, but a well-stocked player should be able to take him down long before he does any serious damage. Also take care to occasionally throw in a dodge, and avoid attacking Juzo while he's in the air, as that will break the loop.

Players can fight Juzo Amon in Lost Judgment, available now.

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