The Professor's Identity Leads to the Game's Best Arc

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Lost Judgment.

Early into Lost Judgment, protagonist Takayuki Yagami and the detectives of Yokohama 99 infiltrate Seiryo High School and plant a bunch of hidden cameras so as to catch bullies at the behest of the institution's Chairman. However, in the process, Yagami ends up getting caught in the act by a student named Kyoko Amasawa. Later, Yagami becomes an advisor to the Mystery Research Club (MRC), which Amasawa heads up, so as to justify his presence on campus in his investigation of Hiro Mikoshiba's murder.

Joining the MRC starts Lost Judgment's longest side case/School Stories, which feature a large number of mini-games and investigations that Yagami must get through. In it, Yagami must finish nine other quest lines of varying length to figure out the identity of a criminal named the Professor. As Amasawa explains, the Professor has been using a website on the dark web to induce students into delinquency. Worse, the Professor is also working in conjunction with the Neo Keihin Gang -- the latest version of the Keihin Gang from the original Judgment. And what follows from that investigation is one of the best arcs in Lost Judgment.

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Who Is the Professor?

Over the course of Lost Judgment's School Stories, Yagami and Amasawa learn a few key facts about the Professor. First, the Professor is incredibly good with technology. Second, they're either a student or young faculty member at Seiryo High School. However, that information alone isn't enough to identify the Professor. Instead, the key piece of evidence comes from Kento Amasawa. As he reveals, all of the students the Professor was trying to turn into a delinquents were formerly members of a disastrous cultural festival committee. In fact, only one former member of that committee was not targeted: Kotoko Itokura.

Prior to the events of Lost Judgment, Itokura was a solid student, but her imperious attitude towards her fellow cultural festival committee members caused them to essentially turn their backs on her. This resulted in the cultural festival failing and Itokura refusing to come to school out of shame. Then, using the incredible computer skills that she learned from her late father, Itokura started working to turn her enemies into delinquents so they'd be arrested and kicked out of school.

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Why the Professor's Arc Is Lost Judgment's Best

Itokura's arc is easily Lost Judgment's best. She starts out the game deeply angry at those around her for the humiliation she suffered on the cultural festival committee. However, Itokura also gets roped into the plot very early. During the Seiryo High Dance Club School Story, Yagami learns a student named Maika Takanashi has been working as a sugar baby so that she can cover Itokura's school tuition, as she's about to lose her scholarship due to absenteeism. From there, Itokura joins the Seiryo High Robotics Club and ends up genuinely bonding with the members and serves as a mentor to budding programmer Dento Sakura.

As a result of her desire to pursue revenge, Koga -- the Neo Keihin Gang's leader -- ropes Itokura into his schemes and convinces her that the only way to live as her authentic, individual self is by helping him. Of course, when Itokura starts to realize what's happening isn't good, she tries to back out. However, Koga threatens Itokura's sickly mother. Itokura ends up trapped because of her desire for revenge. And on her own, Itokura has no way out.

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However, as a result of Yagami's work, all of the people who'd once been Itokura's enemies come together and help save her from Koga. Lost Judgment's message here is fundamentally one of community and forgiveness. At the same time, those things are only possible because Itokura makes the choice to start reintegrating early into the story. The main conflict arose from Itokura not wanting to work with others, and as her time as the Professor ends, she learns the value of being part of a community.

What makes this arc so compelling is that it's tremendously human. So many who've been wronged know what it's like to want to get revenge on those who hurt them. Still, acting on those impulses and letting that desire for revenge consume one's self isn't healthy. Itokura's story also illustrates that what a character wants isn't necessarily what they need. Ultimately, it's satisfying to watch Itokura go from wanting revenge to realizing she needs to learn the value of others.

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