What Are All of Mario Party Superstars Unlockables?

Mario Party Superstars has finally arrived for Nintendo Switch. Coming three years after the release of Super Mario Party, this is sure to be one of Nintendo's marquee titles for the Holiday 2021 season. Players will get to experience an increased amount of boards and mini-games in comparison to its predecessor, alongside an improved implementation of online play. Furthermore, the game feels like an ode to the classic entries in the Mario Party franchise, as all five of its boards hail from the Nintendo 64 era of the franchise, while many of the mini-games come from the Nintendo 64, GameCube and Wii eras.

Previously, Mario Party games featured several unlockables, including characters, game boards and even mini-games. However, Superstars is lighter on unlockable content. This may be to help new players get into the game quicker, emphasizing the party aspect of the gameplay. Still, there's some solid unlockable content here. Let's take a look at some of the content available to unlock in Mario Party Superstars.

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Option House

By playing through Mario Party Superstars, players can unlock new features in the Option House to change the way the game plays. Notably, by playing on each game board at least once, players will can unlock alternate classic versions of the background music that plays on each board. Use the Option House to turn the classic music on or off.

Toad's Shop

Toad's Shop features one of the closest things that Mario Party Superstars has to "unlockables." By playing through boards, games modes and mini-games, as well as increasing the new Mario Party Level, new purchasable items will be made available within Toad's Shop. These items include stickers, encyclopedia pages, card designs and new music. Items can be purchased using coins, which can be won by collection stars in the Party Mode, playing mini-games in Mt. Minigames, or by winning the game's new Daily Challenges.

Data House

Naturally, the Data House allows players to access the encyclopedia pages purchased at Toad's Shop. These allow players to learn about the characters and their histories within the Mario Party franchise. More than that, the Data House allows players to listen to the game's music and customize their Mario Party Card using designs purchased from Toad's Shop. Players will also be able to access achievements and game data from here.

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Staff Credits

In Mario Party Superstars, players will be able to earn experience to increase their Mario Party Level. Once it reaches Level 50, the Staff Credits will unlock. However, level 50 is not the maximum; as players continue to play, they will be able to level up further, which will unlock new encyclopedia items in Toad's Shop.

Does Mario Party Superstars Have Unlockable Characters?

Sadly, Mario Party Superstars does not currently feature any unlockable characters. The 10 playable characters on the base roster are the only available options at the moment. The small number of characters, along with the smaller amount of unlockables, did open up some questions as to whether Superstars could've been released as downloadable content for Super Mario Party. That game didn't previously feature any DLC, so it's unclear whether Superstars will feature any.

Diddy Kong, who was a playable character in Super Mario Party, could be a potential option, as he can stand alongside Donkey Kong as a playable representative. Dry Bones, who was previously playable in several entries (including Super Mario Party) is not currently in Superstars and could return as a playable option. Nintendo could also choose to go with characters prominently featured in more recent titles, such as Nabbit from New Super Mario Bros. U, or Super Mario Odyssey's iteration of Pauline. Nintendo has some great opportunities to expand on Mario Party Superstars with downloadable content, so fans can only hope it takes that opportunity.

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