Ghost Rider and Hulk Straight-Up Kill an Iron Man

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Devil's Reign: Superior Four #1 by Zac Thompson, Davide Tinto, Matt Milla and Ariana Maher, now on sale from Marvel Comics.

Marvel just introduced a new multiversal Avenger -- only to kill him moments later.

In Devil's Reign: Superior Four #1,  Doctor Octopus assembles a team of his variants to help him prove his superiority over all else. After aligning himself with Kingpin in Devil's Reign, Doc Ock controls the Bridge, a dimensional gateway that allows him to travel into the Multiverse. On their first venture through the Bridge, Otto and his cohorts arrive on Earth-5069, a desolate world covered in gamma radiation. As the team searches for information on that planet's Otto, they encounter the Iron Scab, a hero similar to Iron Man. Unfortunately, when Doc Ock learns that multiversal Avenger can't identify him, Otto orders his team to kill the Iron Scab.

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Though the Iron Scab fails to recognize Doc Ock, he is familiar with the alter-egos of Otto's variants. In Devil's Reign: Superior Four, Earth-616's Otto Octavius is joined by Earth-8816's Otto Banner, Earth-1666's Otto Blaze and Earth-9712's Otto Howlett, who are the Hulk, Ghost Rider and Wolverine of their respective worlds. Since Iron Scab seemingly only recognizes the other Ottos because they resemble his world's heroes, it disproves Doc Ock's theory that he is a constant across all realities.

While on the surface, Otto's identity crisis appears to be an extension of his vanity, Devil's Reign: Superior Four reveals that Doc Ock's odyssey is an attempt to regain the lost fragments of his mind. In the conclusion of Superior Spider-Man, Otto traded his memories to Mephisto in exchange for the power to stop a rampant variant of Norman Osborn. In the wake of this deal, Doc Ock lost his character development and returned to his criminal ways. Despite this tragedy, Otto knows something is missing within him, prompting his journey into the multiverse for answers.

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Shortly after killing the Iron Scab, Otto and his team go to Earth-2902, which houses a variant of himself who remains the Superior Spider-Man. Doc Ock's quartet quickly quarrels with the hero, who desperately tries to get them to see the goodness within themselves. Still, as with the Iron Scab, Doc Ock kills the Superior Spider-Man. However, Otto absorbs the hero's intellect before he dies, adding it to his own. Thus, the bleak reality of his quest becomes clear, as Otto seeks to become a Superior being by disposing of his variants rather than improving his moral compass.

Luckily, the Iron Scab isn't the only Avenger to arrive in Marvel's Multiverse in recent months. Avengers Forever #1 by Jason Aaron and Aaron Kuder introduced a variant of Tony Stark, who, instead of becoming Iron Man, took on the adventurous persona of Ant-Man. Joined by the diminutive android "Shellhead," Ant-Man assembles an ensemble of Avengers who aim to defend their various realities from the Multiversal Masters of Evil.

Devil's Reign: Superior Four #1 by Zac Thompson, Davide Tinto, Matt Milla and Ariana Maher is now on sale from Marvel Comics.

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Source: Marvel Comics

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