Marvel Wasn't Responsible for Matt Fraction's Role in Hawkeye Disney+ Series

Matt Fraction's role on the Disney+ Hawkeye series came about due to his friendship with Late Night host Seth Meyers.

While speaking with UPROXX, Hawkeye director Rhys Thomas spoke about his attempts to get in touch with Fraction, known for his critically acclaimed run on Hawkeye for Marvel Comics, through Marvel Studios' official channels. However, the answer to Thomas' problem came from a talk with Meyers, who had known Fraction for years and welcomed him as a guest on Late Night in the past. Speaking on the experience, Thomas said, "I brought up Hawkeye with Seth and that I was kind of talking to them [Marvel Studios] about it and kind of working and starting to figure it out. And he was like, 'Oh, I know Matt!' And the next thing I know I'm emailing with Matt."

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In 2012, Fraction and artist David Aja took over as the creative team for Hawkeye. The book starred Clint Barton and Kate Bishop in their everyday lives, focusing on the unique premise of what Hawkeye does when he's away from the Avengers. The series was a hit, winning multiple Eisner Awards and inspiring a new wave of titles that followed various superheroes when they weren't being super. Actor Jeremy Renner recently said that Hawkeye's comic book accuracy was largely inspired by Fraction and Aja's work on the title.

In the Disney+ Hawkeye series, on which Fraction served as a consulting producer, Renner's Clint Barton is joined by Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop. Together, the two will cross paths with many foes originally featured in Fraction and Aja's run. The show is set to debut the Tracksuit Mafia, a gaggle of goons created for the comic known for their enthusiastic and excessive use of the word "bro." Additionally, the series will feature actor Fra Fee as the Clown, an assassin who infamously killed one of Clint's neighbors in the comics while carving a path towards Hawkeye's family.

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However, Thomas' difficult journey to connecting with Fraction speaks to a frequent problem for the generally-beloved Marvel Studios. In the past, many people criticized both the studio and Disney at large for the way that they treat comic book creators. Recently, Aja called out Marvel Studios for using imagery in the Hawkeye Disney+ series that was directly inspired by his work, without offering him any form of financial compensation.

Additionally, Winter Soldier creator Ed Brubaker, who co-wrote Immortal Iron Fist with Fraction, revealed earlier this year that he was paid more for an onscreen cameo in Captain America: The Winter Soldier than for writing the material that inspired the film.

Hawkeye debuts exclusively on Disney+ with a two-episode season premiere on Nov. 24.

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Source: UPROXX

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