Marvel Just Revealed Moon Knight's Next Big Villain

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Moon Knight #5, available now from Marvel.

Marc Spector has always been something of an outlier compared to the rest of the Marvel Universe's superhero community. Still, that has never stopped him from being one of the most capable vigilantes of all time, nor has it kept him from amassing his own breed of twisted rogues hellbent on destroying him. While Moon Knight has dealt with one new masked threat already, another has just unmasked themselves to show the hero just who it is he's really up against. Not only is Zodiac someone Marc never could have expected, he is the antithesis of everything Moon Knight stands for, and he is poised to bring the Midnight Mission to its knees.

Battling against the other Fist of his patron god was certainly an obstacle to overcome, though it was far from the worst thing that Moon Knight has dealt with lately. Apart from Hunter's Moon, someone else has been gunning for the Midnight Mission from the shadows. So far this new enemy has managed to both turn Moon Knight's violent past against him and stay off of the hero's radar. At least, they have until the events of Moon Knight #5 by Jed MacKay, Alessandro Cappucio, Rachelle Rosenberg, and VC's Cory Petit. Terry, one of the first people to reach out to the Midnight Mission for help, has once again stepped into Moon Knight's office with devastating news. This time, however, Terry has come to offer Moon Knight some help of his own by giving him the identity of the man who has been working against him. Terry leads Moon Knight to the apartment of Soldier, another local who the hero had helped, now revealed to be a former Hydra operative. While Soldier isn't home, he soon enough shows up at the Midnight Mission itself, chained to a radiator with a bomb hidden somewhere nearby. Thankfully, Marc is able to save both himself and Soldier before the building goes up in flames. It's a stunning display of heroism, one that is immediately applauded by the real mastermind behind Moon Knight's recent spate of violent encounters - Terry. Or rather, Zodiac, the real anti-Moon Knight fans have been waiting for.

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The last time the name "Zodiac" came into Marc Spector's life, it was as the name of the Life-Model Decoy commanded criminal organization which he helped the Defenders defeat all the way back in 1977's Defenders #50 by David Kraft and Keith Giffen. As much as that earlier adventure stands out, it seems as though that particular title will likely take on a whole new life thanks to Terry, or whoever he really is. Terry hasn't been an especially integral part of Moon Knight's return, even if he did inadvertently introduce Marc to his vampire confidant Reese. That alone isn't much to go on, though, leaving the mystery of who Zodiac is still up in the air despite having been unmasked. What readers can safely assume, on the other hand, is that Zodiac is just the villain that Hunter's Moon couldn't be. Doctor Badr, the Hunter's Moon, pushed his way into Marc Spector's life almost as soon as the hero had returned to the streets.

As the other Fist of Khonshu, Badr made it his literal mission to break and remold Moon Knight into something more closely resembling their presumed dogmatic duties. In truth, Hunter's Moon has been little more than a religious zealot knockoff of Moon Knight, one who showcases every skill and talent he could ever ask for, but who hasn't had to overcome any of the challenges which made Marc Spector into the veritable force of nature he is today. In contrast, Zodiac is almost a raw photo negative of the hero, from his dark, loose fitting suit to his blood red hood, and even his infiltration of the neighborhood that Moon Knight has chosen as his own to protect.

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Wherever Zodiac plans to take things from here is still unclear, but there is no doubt that he has only the absolute annihilation of Marc Spector in mind. Losing his fortune might not have been the devastating blow to the Midnight Mission that he had hoped, although razing it to the ground is sure to leave a far greater impact. If nothing else, Moon Knight at least knows who he is up against, not to mention what they're capable of. Here's hoping it isn't more than Marc's new mission can handle.

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