Marvel Revealed Doctor Strange’s Murderer Is More Powerful Than Ever

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for the Death of Doctor Strange #4, available now from Marvel.

The gruesome murder of the Sorcerer Supreme has rocked the world to its very core. Apart from the myriad of mystical threats that have descended upon Earth, there is still the mystery at hand to be dealt with. Thankfully, recent leads have brought the heroes face-to-face with Baron Mordo who on the surface appeared to be the culprit. Unfortunately, things are never quite that simple, although it wouldn't be long before the next clue finally led to the true killer. As it turns out, Doctor Strange wasn't the only target of Kaecilius' plot, nor was his death the most horrifying part of it.

While Earth's Mightiest Heroes are busy dealing with the various threats that have emerged in the wake of Doctor Strange's demise, the echo of himself that the Sorcerer Supreme left behind has been chasing down every lead in his own murder. Alongside Clea, this version of Strange has come to Castle Mordo under the belief that its namesake Baron was the one behind the crime. As much as that would make perfect sense, Mordo's pleas of innocence ultimately confirm that he has been made a victim in this as well. Of course, it doesn't take long to narrow down the list of suspects that would want both Doctor Strange and Baron Mordo to suffer. Once the Sorcerer Supreme has gathered all the players in this mystic mystery together, he is finally able to unmask his killer as none other than Mordo's former disciple - Kaecilius.

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First introduced all the way back in 1964's Strange Tales #130 by Stan Lee and Bob Powell, Kaecilius has served under Baron Mordo for decades as both a messenger and an agent. Over the years Kaecilius has undertaken various missions, all in the name of destroying the Sorcerer Supreme, yet they would ultimately lead to his downfall. Alongside Mordo's other minions Demonicus and Adria, Kaecilius was banished to the dreadful wastelands of the Purple Dimension during a battle with the titular hero nearly two decades ago in 1982's Doctor Strange #56 by Roger Stern and Paul Smith. Trapped in the realm of the tyrant Aggamon, Kaecilius has apparently managed to regain his former power along with some terrifying new ones.

With the severed hands of the Sorcerer Supreme now revealed to have replaced his own in The Death of Doctor Strange #4 by Jed MacKay, Lee Garbett, Antonio Fabela, and VC's Cory Petit, there is no telling what Kaecilius is capable of. While he has never been the most fearsome foe, Kaecilius has always held an undying dedication to whatever cause he takes up. Decades ago that would have been aiding his former master in whatever endeavors he had his eye on, but being abandoned to the Purple Dimension has clearly made Kaecilius just as eager to slay Mordo as he was to kill Strange. Mordo was never willing to lift a finger to save his disciple, but Kaecilius was absolutely willing to risk everything if it meant a chance at vengeance.

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Now that Kaecilius has been revealed as the killer, those who have been tasked with saving the world at least know where to start. Then again, taking down a mad mage wielding the stolen powers of the Sorcerer Supreme is hardly an easy feat to accomplish. With any luck, the heroes won't have any problem defeating Kaecilius once more, regardless of how much stronger he might be this time around.

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