Marvel Foreshadows a Massive Spider-Man Tragedy Asking, 'What Did Peter Do?'

Marvel Comics is teasing massive devastation within the pages of Amazing Spider-Man this spring -- devastation that looks to be Peter Parker's fault.

Today, Marvel released an official teaser image for an upcoming issue of Spidey's flagship title set to hit stands in April. The image, consisting of five panels, sees Peter Parker/Spider-Man at the center of a massive crater emitting some sort of purple energy. The area around him seems to be devoid of any life.

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As the camera moves closer to Peter, we see that his suit is damaged, his face clearly visible through his torn mask. We also see that he's holding a spider-shaped device in his left hand. In the final panel, Peter lets out what appears to be a scream of utter anguish. The promo poses the ominous question, "What did Peter do?"

While this promo doesn't really give us a whole lot to go on regarding what exactly happened or how Peter contributed to it, Marvel encourages True Believers to "stay tuned tomorrow [Thursday, Jan. 13] for more information about April's Amazing Spider-Man."

This isn't the first teaser we've gotten regarding what Marvel has in store for Spidey this April. Just yesterday, Marvel announced that in April, Amazing Spider-Man will welcome back beloved series artist John Romita Jr., son of the legendary John Romita Sr. and co-creator of such Spider-Man characters as Hobgoblin, Madame Web and Morlun. Romita Jr. has not illustrated a full-length story in an issue of Amazing Spider-Man since issue #600 in 2009, and has not contributed to title's interior art in any capacity since issue #692 in 2012, after which point he jumped to DC.

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Source: Marvel Comics

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