Did Marvel Just Tease Daredevil's... Daughter?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the story "Red Dawn" from Elektra: Black, White & Blood #1, now on sale

The Marvel multiverse has multiple timelines that span across the future of the current Marvel Universe. This means there are plenty of worlds where the established heroes grow up and have their own children. It's always interesting when one of these possible members of a future generation of heroes is introduced -- especially when their arrival comes as a surprise.

In the story "Red Dawn" by Charles Soule, Mark Bagley, John Dell, Edgar Delgado, and VC's Joe Caramagna centers around a seemingly dark timeline in the Marvel Universe. In this world, Elektra is seen sacrificing her life for her daughter's safety -- hinting one world had a daughter with Daredevil.

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The first story of Elektra: Black, White & Blood #1 centers on a seemingly possible future for the Marvel Universe. Described as the "time of blood and fangs," Elektra is attacked in the snowy mountains of an unknown region. Overwhelmed by vampires, even Elektra seems to fall -- bitted and infected by their curse. Despite their promise to add Elektra to their cause, the assassin continues to fight back. She slaughters all the vampires and returns to her nearby village. There, the curse already setting in, she makes a decision. Before doing so, Elektra speaks with only one person -- a young girl who identifies her as her mother. Then, Elektra quietly walks outside and waits for the sun. The next morning, the daughter awakens and discovers Elekra's smoldering remains.

Notably, the issue (as largely only colored with white, black, and red. But this is subverted with the young girl, who is revealed in the morning light to have bright red hair. This gives her an apparent similarity to Matt Murdock, Elektra's long-time lover. The nature of the story suggests this isn't necessarily canon in the core-Marvel timeline. It seems to suggest that this is a world where the vampires have taken over the world and the remainder of humanity have done their best to survive where they can. This suggests it's a dark potential future, one akin to the "vampire nation" Dracula is trying to currently expand in the ruins of Chernobyl.

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In this world, Elektra mothering a child with bright red hair is a clear hint of the child's parentage. Her hair and her relationship with Elektra make it a clear suggestion that the unnamed girl is the daughter of Elektra and Daredevil. Although it's never fully confirmed that Daredevil is the girl's father, it would make a certain amount of sense given Elektra and Daredevil's romantic history together. Notably, this wouldn't be the first time that Marvel had introduced such a character.

In Daredevil: End of Days by Brian Michael Bendis, David W. Mack and Klaus Janson, Ben Urich's investigation into the death of Daredevil revealed he'd had children with many of his love interests. This included a son with Elektra, who'd elected to settle down and lead a simple, civilian life. In the MC2 Universe, Elektra instead had a child with Wolverine, producing the young hero Wild Thing. Elektra's possible children have long been a factor in the Marvel multiverse, and it seems that even in a world filled with vicious vampires, this is a possibility. While the short story leaves many questions unanswered -- such as the fate of this world's Daredevil -- it's a somber look at the sacrifices Elektra would make for such a child.

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