Venom #1's Eddie Brock Fails Being a Dad & God - Review

A new chapter begins in the history of Venom as writer Donny Cates passes the baton to Al Ewing and Ram V -- after helming the symbiote title for over three years. The King in Black event ended earlier this year with Eddie Brock becoming the God of the Symbiotes, and now he uses the Klyntar to do good across the universe. Cates' last issue showed Eddie's son Dylan bonding with Venom in an attempt to save an innocent, opening up avenues for new adventures. Marvel Comics' Venom #1 breathes new life into the Symbiote saga with an action-packed tale full of suspense as Eddie and Dylan learn the risks of their new roles.

Venom #1 opens with a dramatic flash-forward, depicting scenes of an armed raid on a motel as Venom, now using Dylan Brock as his host, makes leeway in the shadows. Twelve hours ago, Eddie Brock was on a mission in space, saving a relief freighter from pirates. However, the whole operation goes south when one of his symbiote companions goes on a rampage and delivers a chilling warning to the new King in Black. Meanwhile, Dylan is having a difficult time at school, constantly getting into fights with other students. He feels upset, but mostly he misses his dad. Suddenly Eddie bursts into his room and instructs him to pack immediately.

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The tag-team of Al Ewing and Ram Venkatesan brings unique chemistry to the table. Ewing handles the cosmic storylines concerning Eddie Brock, while Ram V delves into the teenage mind of young Dylan Brock. Each writer has a distinctive narrative style, which gives both protagonists a recognizable voice. There is a lot of exposition in Venom's debut issue, but the writers do a good job crafting a coherent plot. Dylan's brief interaction with Sleeper brings a comedic tone to the story.

Artist Bryan Hitch's intricately detailed artwork and intense close-ups elevate the book to epic proportions. His textured lines lend weight to the characters, capturing them in dynamic poses in glorious splash pages. Hitch populates Venom #1's world with rich backgrounds, bringing a sense of life and vibrancy into the panels. Colorist Alex Sinclair complements Hitch's art and dials up the dramatic feel of the comic book. Hitch uses a mixed palette of warmer and brighter shades to give this action-packed issue a glossy, cinematic effect.

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Venom #1 reaches an ideal balance of stunning action sequences and emotional introspection. Even though they are no longer together, both Eddie Brock and the symbiote are an inseparable part of Venom's legacy. Both Ewing and Ram V have a knack for writing horror that's on full display here. With each writer voicing a protagonist, Venom allows them to morph rigid storytelling, making this debut issue a great read. Venom #1 ends with the introduction of a new character and an impending threat, taking readers on a whirlwind ride that shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

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