Marvel's Weirdest X-Men Superpowers Are Way Too Gross for the MCU

As the next step in human evolution, the mutants that comprise Marvel's X-Men, have a number of uncanny abilities. These have traditionally included abilities such as laser vision, superhuman senses, and extraordinary healing factors. However, a few mutants possess powers that are quite unseemly to say the least, making them questionable choices for the mainstream media.

The body horror aspects of mutants like Husk, Marrow, Maggot, and Adam X make their powers pretty gross, not to mention inappropriate for inclusion in the MCU. Although their macabre powers have been accepted in the world of comics, they might be a bit too much for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here is a look at the grosser mutants of the Marvel Universe who in all likelihood will not be making any appearances on the big screen, at least not without major changes to their power set.

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Marrow and Her Terrifying Bones

Popular back in the mid '90s and having recently returned to prominence, Marrow was a mutant whose "extreme" appearance seemed more at home at the beginning of that decade. A former Morlock named Sarah, her mutation allowed her to protrude bone-like growths from all over her body, using them many times as weapons. Unfortunately, she couldn't make these retract completely, making her unable to blend in with the mutant-hating human society and giving her a permanently "monstrous" appearance.

She still has perhaps the most "marketable" power of the bunch on this list, and to be fair, she did briefly appear in a cameo in the first Deadpool movie. A larger role in the MCU that would explore the truly grotesque nature of her powers, however, might be too much for the more humorous and lighthearted universe.

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The Omnivorous Worms of Maggot

Maggot is easily one of the most disgusting mutants to grace the pages of a Marvel comic book. Debuting in Uncanny X-Men #345, his mutation replaced his digestive system with two omnivorous sentient slug-like creatures that he dubbed Eany and Meany.

Maggot's slugs were able to consume literally anything before retreating back into a hole in Maggot's stomach, giving him nourishment as well as power. This power set is indescribably nauseating, and the fact that the slugs give Maggot an even more inhuman blue appearance does not help.

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The Skin-Shedding Husk

Husk is a character who at the very least would require good special effects. Paige Guthrie is the sister of the founding New Mutants member Cannonball, and adopted her name when she joined Generation X.

Husk has a unique power set that allows her to literally rip off her skin to reveal another layer underneath. This new skin can be metallic, rocky or any other substance, but getting to it involves her clawing off own skin. This creepy power and the effects needed to make it work well could explain why she was replaced by original character Buff in the Generation X TV pilot.

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 The Blood-Curdling Powers of Adam X-Treme

Even more so than Marrow, Adam X (or Adam X-Treme) is a character straight out of the '90s. With an outfit that actually consists of a baseball cap, the character's physical appearance is a lot more marketable than the others mutants who appear on this list.

Although his powers don't make him physically unappealing, they still might be unsuitable for mainstream consumption. A mutant/Shi'ar hybrid, Adam's powers allow him to manipulate the oxygen in a person's blood. This allows him to literally cause people to explode by igniting their blood. Needless to say, this visceral and terribly violent ability would not see justice in a family friendly MCU movie.

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Which Mutants are Too Gross for the MCU?

As mentioned, Adam X has powers that are pretty violent on paper, let alone in live-action. This should preclude him from a major MCU role, but his powers aren't the grossest on the list.

The honor of being the grossest mutant of all falls to Maggot, whose very name suggests a downright revolting creature. Added to the fact that he very much deserves this name due to his horrific abilities, it would be a sure bet to wager against his blue hued face appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe any time soon.

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