An X-Men Web Comic Detailed Wolverine's Wild Marvel Love Triangle Perfectly

The ever-dramatic X-Men love triangle between Jean Grey, Scott Summers, and Wolverine is perfectly summed-up in a webcomic entitled “Catverine & Scott.” The cartoon recently making the rounds on Instagram and other social media was first released in 2016. Taking a nod from the classic Garfield comic strip, Wolverine is portrayed as an unruly household cat with Cyclops as his frustrated owner.

Far more vicious and destructive than Garfield ever was, Catverine shreds everything he touches, from the drapes, to the couch, to Cyclops’ uniform and even Cyclops himself. Every time, Cyclops shouts a resounding “Catverine, No!!” to which the cat hisses in rage. Near the end of the cartoon, Catverine shows no hope of relenting, until Jean Grey steps in. Then, putting of all of his antics aside, Catverine becomes a completely furry, lovable and calm cat, cuddling up on her lap as she pets him.

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Written and drawn by Paco Puente of, the three characters are distilled to their essence. Cyclops is frustrated and foiled in every panel. Wolverine is out-of-control and still comes out on top. Jean Grey is loving and seemingly ignorant of Wolverine’s true nature. In all probability, Jean is aware of the damage Wolverine does, but she also knows that it takes a soft touch to calm the savage beast, much to Scott's chagrin. Because of uncontrollable nature of his optic blasts, order and restraint have become second nature to Cyclops, and he attempts to manage Wolverine’s behavior by instituting a measure of control. For Wolverine, being restricted within a set of rules and guidelines is simply intolerable.

The love triangle between these three characters has been in existence as long as Wolverine has been a member of  the X-Men. While Scott and Jean are soulmates who love each other dearly, the attraction between Jean and Wolverine has always been powerful. Wolverine’s attraction to Jean Grey was one of the primary motivators behind the loner initially electing to remain with the team.

During the course of Jonathan Hickman’s Dawn of X, the status of these three seems to have changed. Wolverine now has a room in the Summers House (located on the Moon), on one side of Jean Grey. On the other side of her room is Cyclops. All three connect in a line. The obvious connotation is that Jean is in an active relationship with both Cyclops and Wolverine concurrently. Moreover, significant hints have been dropped that strongly suggest that all mutants are intimately involved with one another.

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The contention between Cyclops and Wolverine isn’t the result of hatred. Their stories over the years reveal their mutual respect for each other, but its their fundamental natures that tend to clash. In many ways, Puente’s comic portrays it perfectly: the X-men is Scott’s house and Wolverine is the guest he’s welcomed inside; however, the feral mutant simply isn’t willing to be tamed for Scott or anyone else.

Puente draws the subtext of the three in a marriage of contention, conflict, and care. At the end of the day, the three mutants make up an odd family that Dawn of X has now made canon.

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