Marvel's Worst Omega-Level X-Man Has a New Job (and It's So Wrong, It's Perfect)

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for X-Force #25, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

The X-Men have a large number of former villains among their number, with the team giving plenty of villainous figures the chance to find new directions in life. This includes one notable young mutant, who has found a great new role on Krakoa.

X-Force #25 (by Benjamin Percy, Robert Fill, Guru-eFX, & VC's Joe Caramagna) reveals that Quinten Quire has found a new job helping take care of mutant infants at the Bowery, which is actually an ideal direction for the character to take.

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Quentin Quire debuted in New X-Men #134 (by Grant Morrison and Keron Grant) as a rebellious mutant at the Xavier Institute, revolting against the pacifistic beliefs of Charles Xavier. Although he initially served as an antagonist to the X-Men, upon his full return in the lead-up to Schism he became a morally gray character. As a begrudging student at Wolverine's Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, Quire ended up developing surprisingly close friendships with some of his peers. Finding romance and empathy with his new classmates Quire slowly learned to be a hero, which led to his current role on Krakoa as a member of X-Force, where he's become a dedicated hero for Krakoa and found love with Phoebe Cuckoo. His development has become so promising, Quire's been tasked with a surprisingly sensitive new mission.

After meeting up with Phoebe, Quire brings her to the Bowery -- which effectively serves as the nursery for Krakoa. Home to numerous mutant children, the inherent power of some of the mutants has made the Bowery somewhat dangerous, but that's where Quire comes in, using his Omega-Level telepathy to calm the infants whose powers develop too soon and pose a threat to themselves and others. Once a week, Quire visits the Bowery and psychically inspects the children, making sure to apply a "mental salve" to any child who begins expressing the potential for danger. While Quire admits that this is an unlikely path considering the person he used to be, he notes that his life might have turned out better if he'd been brought up with love and care like the infants -- and had someone like Phoebe in his life.

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As a surprising protector of the mutant newborns, Quentin Quire may have found the perfect role for himself on Krakoa. Instead of throwing himself into dangerous missions, he can help protect mutant children and provide them with guidance. He could become something of a teacher and mentor in the same way Wolverine became for him, as he continues to mature into the role. It's a genuinely sweet development for Quire, a perfectly optimistic use of his formidable power -- and one that inadvertently costs him his happiness. It turns out that Phoebe had been considering breaking up with him due to the influence of the Cuckoo Sisters, who've grown tired of her being distracted by Quire. The final straw turns out to have been Quire's daydream of a future where he and Phoebe could have their own child.

Deciding that Quire loves almost too much and that she needs a break to focus on her connection with her sisters, Phoebe breaks up with this surprisingly stable and loving version of Quinten Quire. Hopefully, he doesn't use this heartbreak to turn back towards old habits and lash out -- especially since a band of mysterious humans have made their way to Krakoa and kidnapped numerous infants from the Bowery. If Quire can keep control of himself, then he might be able to save the infants and prove himself a truly changed man -- but the question remains if he can do so without Phoebe's open support and affection.

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