Marvel Is Giving X-Men Fans the Wolverine/Deadpool Team-Up They've Been Waiting For

Marvel continues to give more details about the shape of the X-Men line come April with the new Destiny of X era. The company is now teasing the next direction of Benjamin Percy and Adam Kubert's Wolverine run during this next major shakeup of the X-books, and it involves a major team-up with none other than the Merc With the Mouth, Deadpool.

Wolverine #20 is notably not only the first issue of Wolverine set during the Destiny of X era, but also the first issue of the series in the wake of the upcoming X Lives of Wolverine/X Deaths of Wolverine miniseries. X Lives of Wolverine/X Deaths of Wolverine help set up Destiny of X by showing that the very future of the X-Men on Krakoa (and perhaps the future of mutantkind period) is in danger, and somehow Deadpool appears to be a key to saving the day.

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Deadpool famously is not actually a mutant, but in this upcoming story, he seeks to be made an honorary citizen of the X-Men's mutant haven, Krakoa, in exchange for sharing some details he uncovered about a sinister plot to bring Krakoa down. The upcoming storyline also teases the return of another classic X-character who, like Deadpool, debuted in the 1990s: Wolverine's former Department H comrade, Maverick, who was featured earlier in Percy and Kubert's Wolverine run.

Speaking to Marvel about the upcoming storyline, Percy noted, "For 10 weeks, the X LIVES OF WOLVERINE/X DEATHS OF WOLVERINE will take readers on an epic, time-shredding adventure that sets up the next era of the mutant books: Destiny of X. How do you follow up something like that? You keep raising the bar higher. Readers will not only experience a non-stop thrill ride, starting in April, but a kickoff story that is as irreverent and hilarious as it is heart-bruised. We've been teasing Deadpool for some time now, and he's bullying his way into the pages of Wolverine for a wild (and reluctant) team-up that feels like some cousin to Midnight Run and The Fugitive. Get ready for more Maverick mayhem, more CIA spycraft, and more DANGER (yes, you read that right) at every turn."

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Adam Kubert shared his thoughts on the story as well, noting, "Every time a new character or storyline is introduced in WOLVERINE, it feels like a fresh start and an opportunity for Ben and me to reinvent the wheel. WOLVERINE #20 is no exception with one exception. Deadpool's not a new character. Having drawn him before (most recently on the cover to DEADPOOL BLACK WHITE AND BLOOD #1), I feel more like I'm visiting an old friend. Things change, yes, but our relationship stays the same. For me, DEADPOOL remains one of MARVEL's greatest characters. Featuring him alongside \|/OLVERINE doesn't get any better and I hope (and think) you'll feel the same… Bub!"

Wolverine #20 is set to be released on April 20, 2022, with a cover by Kubert and a teaser variant cover by Tyler Kirkham.

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Source: Marvel

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