Marvel's New Android Is More Sinister Than Prometheus' David

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Alien #8, on sale from Marvel Comics now.

In the Alien franchise, the android David surprised audiences with how ruthless he was in Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, where he used humans as part of an experiment to create Xenomorphs. With his god complex aside, he still doesn't quite hold a candle to Ash, the android who appeared in the first movie as someone manipulating Ripley's crew to harvest an alien embryo to take back to Earth for the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. With Marvel's Alien #8, that all changes with the introduction of an even more devious synthetic.

This is none other than Ambrose, who's on Euridice, a planet that's been terraformed and colonized by a religious group, the Spinners in 2202. He's been masquerading as human as the cult grows its Garden of Adeline, preaching the word of Mother and crafting what they see as Eden as told by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Salvador Larroca, Clayton Cowles and Guru-eFX.

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As the paradise's pastor, Ambrose wants them to stick to their Bibles, but things change when the Heraclides crashes on the planet after a Xenomorph somehow got onboard and wreaked havoc. Jane, the Spinners' leader, found the wreck and its mangled bodies and is now leading a hunt of the alien, although Ambrose tries to discredit her.

He thinks her mysterious illness is causing her to go mad as she leads the rest of the residents, who just wanted the United Americas to send provisions via the Heraclides, along with confirmation that the planet is now theirs after the terraforming stations have been shut down. The problem is, Ambrose has ulterior motives when they do find the Xenomorph, who's already racking up a body count.

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As Jane rushes to his home to grab a shotgun, she discovers Facehuggers and alien eggs. As Ambrose then ambushes her, she scrapes him, revealing he's indeed an android and as he pins her down, he's clearly viewing the attacks as an act of their God. This all lines up with his previously stated comments about thinking that he and his people could face punishment for worshipping false idols.

The residents of the colony have been losing their faith, engaging in adultery and otherwise sinning, including Jane who wanted to abandon them to heal her illness. As a result, it looks like Ambrose thinks this is their judgment, which hints he's looking after the eggs as part of some apocalyptic prophecy. This could tie into the book's previous arc too, where it was revealed these creatures were meant to be a purging force that Ambrose would view as the end of days.

It's quite scary seeing the android act with the fervor of a zealot religious extremist, which raises questions of whether other colonies contain hidden androids too and if Ambrose is dedicated enough to try to get them back to Earth. While Ash was obeying corporate orders that enable to company to experiment and weaponize the aliens, Ambrose is more liberated. And without a puppet master, Ambrose is coming off as a destroyer who has no problem committing genocide and cleansing worlds in the name of his beliefs.

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