Mass Effect Fans Debate Whether the Amazon Show Should Include Commander Shepard

Following the surprise announcement that Amazon is currently closing in on a deal to adapt Mass Effect into a series, fans are weighing in on how protagonist Commander Shepard should be implemented.

While many fans of Bioware's sci-fi role-playing game are excited to see the universe realized as a TV show, others are questioning how the story will be told. Many are suggesting that Commander Shepard, the protagonist of the original trilogy, be left out of the show entirely. In the video games, Shepard was the player-character, acting largely as a surrogate character that could be built through decisions and interactions that occurred throughout the story. Many fans believe that including Shepard would "canonize" certain playstyles.

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Another major point of contention is which Commander Shepard should lead the series if it does focus on the first Human Spectre. Bioware allows players to select the sex of their Shepard, meaning that Mass Effect has a male and female version of the galaxy-saving hero. While each iteration has a unique voice actor and different default looks, their dialogue and choices are identical.

Based on statistics shared by Bioware regarding the recently released Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, 68% of players elected to play as Male Shepard, while 32% chose Female Shepard (colloquially known as FemShep). Despite the stark difference in numbers, many believe that FemShep delivers are more compelling experience, largely due to the voice acting talents of Jennifer Hale.

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Despite the recent announcement of the deal between Amazon and Mass Effect publisher Electronic Arts, next to nothing is known about the project. Henry Cavill (Man of Steel, The Witcher) has previously teased that he may be involved in the project but it is currently unknown to what capacity.

Mass Effect is widely known as one of the most beloved role-playing franchises of all time. Players step into the role of Commander Shepard, who is tasked with saving the galaxy from an ancient race of hyper-intelligent synthetic-organic beings who wish to wipe out all life in order to start anew. The original saga spanned three games, establishing an expansive universe of unique planets and alien races.

The original Mass Effect trilogy was recently remastered for modern consoles as a part of the Legendary Edition. This updated version of the game includes a host of graphical and mechanical improvements, including overhauled lighting effects, updated combat systems and plenty of smaller gameplay tweaks. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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