Revelation Walks Back Teela's Romance

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 2, now streaming on Netflix.

In Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 1, one of the most divisive topics centered around the romance hinted at between Teela and her ally, Andra. While supporters waited for Part 2 to unite the duo at last, the series walks back their potential and gives Teela an obvious and cliched love interest.

It happens in the finale, "Comes with Everything You See Here," when Teela embraces her role as the new Sorceress, taking the mantle up from her dead mother. Teela accepts the love she has for friends and family, not shutting them off like what her mother did, which enables her to save the day.

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She fixes Eternia and the chaos cracks caused in reality by convincing Dark Lyn, in her own godmode, to come back towards the light. It leads to Lyn going into exile, happier but repenting for her sins. With Skeletor and the other evil minions on the lam, Teela, as the first Sorceress to live outside Castle Grayskull, then connects with Adam on the balcony after a joyous ceremony at the Eternos kingdom.

She confesses she won't leave his side, no matter how much power they have or what their destiny entails. He was insecure about it all, feeling left behind, but Teela admits he's her champion and the guardian she's entrusting with the Power of Grayskull. While many hoped it'd remain platonic, as they speak about being intertwined, they're both blushing and nervous. They even hold hands, indicating they want to explore a dynamic together moving forward, which is a shock given what was previously set up.

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Andra helped Teela through so much when she rebuked Eternia, Adam and magic, as she hated how his secret identity as He-Man wrecked their planet. As thieves, Andra not only looked out for her physically, but mentally as well, offering comfort and family as Duncan/Man-at-Arms was also in exile. It wasn't a sibling dynamic at all; it was a loving, romantic chemistry, yet when Duncan and King Randor anoint Andra a new Man-at-Arms for her service, she and Teela don't even celebrate. Andra shoots a wistful glance to the crowd, but Teela, who's already looking toward Adam, isn't the recipient.

It's wasted potential because this would have been the perfect moment to cement their love, with Teela accepting Andra as the stranger who selflessly risked life and limb for her as a True North. Instead, getting wistful with Adam feels like fan-fiction to sate irate fans who wanted a power couple, as opposed to an LGBTQ romance that'd mark a major move forward for the franchise.

Ultimately, Teela and Adam's new direction falls flat because they have more of a sibling bond, which leaves fans wondering why a love triangle wasn't at least put in place. This ruins so much development between Andra and Teela, and in the process, it changes the new Sorceress' story from progressive to inconsistent and predictable.

The entire 10-episode first season of Masters of the Universe: Revelation is now available on Netflix.

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