Revelation & The Last Jedi Share a Theme

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 2, now streaming on Netflix.

When Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 1 played out, many were vocal over Teela's new role in the franchise. She wasn't just He-Man's sidekick, instead taking lead as a liberator trying to bring magic back to save Eternia after Prince Adam was killed by Skeletor. Now, as Part 2 unfolds, we see how her journey in this series, as well as He-Man's return, share a surprising theme with Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

This is regarding the democratization of power, and how it's meant for everyone, not just Chosen Ones and messiahs. In The Last Jedi, Luke Skywalker on Ahch-To reinforced this point to Rey, adamant his Jedi order got it wrong. The Force was to be shared with everyone. Cutting themselves off from love was actually wrong, and this gift should have been seeded throughout the cosmos so everyone could harness it, as they were already tapped into it by just existing.

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It's how Rey was able to use so many abilities so quickly and why kid at the end was able to move the broom. While The Rise of Skywalker walked the latter back, the trilogy ended with Luke and Rey wanting the Light to touch everyone and become a tool to create a better galaxy.

In this cartoon, this happens firstly with Adam, as he steals the Sword of Power back from Skeletor so they can fight Evil Lyn in her goddess mode. He shares the power, though, letting Skeletor and Cringer have it, not just so he'd get allies, but so Adam could show Skeletor what it means to fight for good. Teela doubles down on this, as she becomes the new Sorceress, making it clear to Dark Lyn when they travel to the point of creation that Grayskull's power isn't theirs.

In fact, Teela has already rebuked its old doctrines, telling her mom and the former Sorceress she's ready to live outside the castle -- something others couldn't do. That's because, rather than cutting off loved ones, Teela wants to embrace them as this will make her a better, stronger hero. It's akin to Luke's words to Rey about love nourishing their mystical energy and overall equilibrium. Like Luke rejecting his curse, Teela does the same, breaking the chains her mom was bound to and bucking centuries-old tradition.

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Most of all, Teela tells Lyn that "you have the power" to effect change when Lyn explains how their toxic universe needed to be rebuilt. It's akin to Luke telling Rey to change the world with the Force, with Lyn's redemption song similar to how Rey got the message through to Kylo Ren about the purity of the Force.

This convinces Lyn to undo her sins too, with Teela then becoming Adam's partner and the first Sorceress in physical form in Eternos. What reaffirms this theme is when He-Man sends the power back after they defeat Skeletor and returns the evil forces back to the afterlife. With a triumphant smile, he says, "We have the power," as if to remind everyone Grayskull's magic belongs to the citizens. It's a powerful, lore-changing direction, but one he and Teela, like Rey, adore because it'll make their reality safer and much more inclusive.

The entire 10-episode first season of Masters of the Universe: Revelation is now available on Netflix.

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