Evil-Lyn Undergoes Masters of the Universe's Best Arc

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 2, now streaming on Netflix.

In Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 1, Lena Headey's Evil Lyn broke fans' hearts with her betrayal. It seemed like she became a hero, working with Teela to return magic to Eternia and bring Prince Adam back so they'd have a He-Man again. Unfortunately, Skeletor used her to resurrect himself as a god, leading to epic chaos in Part 2. However, as the five episodes unfold, the sinister Lyn receives a major power-up and the show's best arc as she decides to no longer be pawn.

When Skeletor becomes this deity, he admits he used Lyn's body to store his soul so he could be reborn when the time was right, stealing the Power of Grayskull. He repays her by turning her into the new Sorceress, but he makes it clear this isn't a gift; it's a curse. That's because the castle needs her as a guardian that can't leave, aka a prisoner.

She's now his conduit, an instrument to channel the power through to him and unlock the secrets of the cosmos for her lord. However, Beast Man, of all people, gives her a pep talk on liberation and reminds her she's a badass. She doesn't need Skeletor; he needs her, which encourages Lyn to tempt Skeletor with sex, only to steal the Sword of Power, strip him of his abilities and become Dark Lyn, the new goddess of Eternia.

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It's a corrupt, power-hungry move, but nuanced as she's never had agency -- losing her parents, becoming a runaway in the slums and a perennial target for men. Even when Skeletor rescued her, he made her a slave, ergo why she sees this as karma for her enemies and something she's earned.

Notably, the all-seeing Lyn's destructive ways aren't rooted in any selfishness. She peered through history, space and time and saw nothing but chaos, all wrought by humanity. As such, she wants to destroy all reality because this resetting is the only way to bring order. It confirms the needy, obsessive Skeletor has broken her with his toxic ways, now crafting this interdimensional goddess who wants to usher in peace in a violent manner.

Her becoming this antagonist is not condonable, but it's understandable. It makes her even more intimidating, as her scale is bigger than Skeletor's, frightening him into forming an alliance with He-Man when he escapes her wrath. He's shaken after she pointed out his flaws, in that his ambitions were always undermined by his He-Man fixation in a Batman-Joker-esque dynamic, which speaks to Lyn taking her life back.

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Ultimately, Teela, upon becoming the new Sorceress, creates the opening the heroes need. After a special celestial alignment makes Lyn even stronger, Teela takes her to the beginning of time and shows the nihilist the beauty of creation. It's a wondrous redemption song, as Lyn realizes a life of love is indeed beautiful and magical, encouraging her to return and help restore Eternia. As the undead are banished to the afterlife, Lyn makes amends, rescuing Orko so he could stay with them rather than return to Subternia.

She later atones by burying her wand, shedding her old life and going off into Eternia's forest as a recluse. She's got a lot to ponder, as she killed many with her warped view of the universe, but she was also a victim driven by revenge. Thankfully, she sees the light, bringing her story full-circle and reminding Teela and Adam that people make mistakes, but shouldn't be written off forever as hope always lingers.

The entire 10-episode first season of Masters of the Universe: Revelation is now available on Netflix.

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