Masters of the Universe's Ending, Explained

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 2, now streaming on Netflix.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation was created in part to give a proper narrative arc to the 1980s cartoon that spawned it. Rather than simply reiterating another adventure of He-Man and his friends, it endeavors to flesh out the world of Eternia in more complex terms. That means a formal timeline, character development, and in the case of more than a few key figures from the original show, a passing of the torch onto another generation. As such, the second half of its inaugural season ends with a sense of finality, even as it opens the door for the next page in Eternia’s history.

That leaves a number of open questions, as well as a fitting fate for several mainstay characters who may or may not return in subsequent seasons. Here’s a brief breakdown of where Eternia stands at the end of Season 1, and what likely lies ahead.

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How Teela Becomes the New Sorceress - and Saves Evil-Lyn

Skeletor kills the Sorceress in Part 2, Episode 1, “Cleaved in Twain,” and her magic is imparted to Teela, who spends the remainder of Part 2 attempting to understand it. The Sorceress controls the power of Grayskull, but taking the position normally means confining oneself to the castle itself. Teela is the Sorceress’ daughter, whom she left behind to take up her duties. The separation – and the deceit involved – is one of Teela’s primary psychological wounds, which she heals during the course of Revelation’s run time.

During the finale – Part 2, Episode 5, “Comes with Everything You See Here” – she masters her power and formally takes up the mantle of the Sorceress, resulting in a final showdown with Evil-Lyn. In the process, she breaks with tradition, telling the spirit of her mother that her friends bring her strength and that she won’t isolate herself by staying in the castle. She also gets through to Evil-Lyn by showing her the beauty of a universe where the evil sorceress-turned-goddess saw only chaos and pain. It induces Evil-Lyn to abandon her cause and leave the universe in peace.

Where Does Evil-Lyn Go at the End?

With Teela revealing the beauty of the universe to Evil-Lyn, the god-empowered sorceress renounces her plans to destroy the universe, just in time to keep the reborn Orko from crossing back over into death. From there, she travels to a distant land of beautiful fields and abundant peace, where she lays her magic staff down. Though the location isn’t specified, it looks like Trolla, Orko’s home dimension, which suggests that the little wizard brought her there so she too could begin to heal.

The pair formed a bond during Part 1 of Revelation, and if this is indeed Trolla, Orko might have invited her there following her 11th hour recant. Regardless, the scene indicates that Evil-Lyn hasn’t entirely smothered the better angels of her nature, and intends to find a brighter path to move forward.

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What Is Skeletor's Fate - and What Does Hordak Have to Do With It?

Skeletor’s final fate in the saga had its seeds in Part 1, as his former minions grappled with his sudden and presumed permanent disappearance. Tri-Klops and Trap Jaw abandoned the magic that they perceived as the cause of Skeletor’s failures, and embraced the worship of technology via a deity named the Master Motherboard. They soon formed a cult of cybernetic slaves, who were defeated in Part 1 of Revelation. Part 2 finds Skeletor returned to Snake Mountain -- now their headquarters -- and abusing his former minions for turning away from him. He’s stopped by the Master Motherboard statue, and the cult holds him immobile while it infuses him with its cybernetic technology.

In the process, it reveals itself to be the tool of Hordak, a former minion of Skeletor whom he banished to another dimension. He serves as the main antagonist to He-Man’s twin sister She-Ra, who fights to break his rule over the world of Etheria. The reveal in Revelation is a clear indicator that Hordak has designs on Eternia, and may also foreshadow She-Ra’s appearance on the show as well.

Are Adam and Teela an Item?

Revelations concerns itself largely with parents and children, with the older generation passing their legacy on to Teela and Adam to shepherd as they see fit. The two have been played as fast friends since childhood, though Teela was deeply hurt by Adam withholding his secret identity from her for so long. Season 1 of MotU: Revelation ends with the two reconciled and facing a bright future together, with Adam continuing to serve in his position as He-Man and Teela the new Sorceress.

It’s in keeping with the strictly platonic, kid-friendly tone of the old cartoon, until they quietly link hands. The gesture connects to the show’s overall theme of coming of age, as both characters must make peace with the sins of their parents and move forward on their own terms. It also suggests that a Season 2 could entail the natural repercussions of that, and explore where a romance between Castle Grayskull’s two most powerful defenders would lead.

The entire 10-episode first season of Masters of the Universe: Revelation is now available on Netflix.

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