Every Death in Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 2

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 2, now streaming on Netflix.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation deliberately adopted a more adult tone from the beginning. It serves as a continuation of the original animated series from the 1980s, tingeing its precursor’s family-friendly innocence with complexity and sadness. That extends to the death of major characters, starting with He-Man himself in the first half of Revelation. Part 2 includes several surprising losses, along with a few who could probably be predicted, in its efforts to move the story past the endless adventures of the old show and into a new era.

Below is a list of all the significant deaths that take place in the second half of Revelation, listed in chronological order.

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As the former keeper of Castle Grayskull, the Sorceress provided Adam with the Sword of Power, enabling him to transform into He-Man. She is besieged as never before in Revelation, and Part 1 ended with Skeletor claiming He-Man’s mantle for his own. That culminates in the Sorceress’s death very quickly in Revelation Part 2, Episode 1, “Cleaved in Twain.” Taking advantage of a sneak attack from Cringer, she interposes herself between the reborn Skeletor and the other defenders of Eternia, teleporting them away before their triumphant enemy can strike. Skeletor runs her through with her sword and she dies at his feet, only to pass her powers on to her daughter Teela in time to save Prince Adam from death.

Fisto and Clamp Champ

When Adam’s party returns to the royal palace after Sorceress teleported them away, they’re challenged by Fisto and Clamp Champ who have remained as guardians of the king and queen. Both were among the original line of He-Man action figures, though Clamp Champ hasn’t appeared onscreen before now. They’re overcome during Skeletor’s corrosive attack on Eternia in “Cleaved in Twain,” saving Adam and his friends before being transformed into undead warriors. In the battle that follows, Teela and Andra detonate an explosive device, destroying both of them.

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The Champions of Preternia

The Champions were revealed in Revelation Part 1, Episode 5, “The Forge at the Forest of Forever,” occupying Eternia’s version of Heaven. They constitute all of the past incarnations of He-Man and the Sorceress, protecting Grayskull and Eternia in their time just as the current versions do. Evil-Lyn wipes them out with a ball of pure energy – along with the rest of Preternia – after she ascends to godhood in Part 2, Episode 3, “The Gutter Rat.”

Moss Man

Moss Man goes back to the original line of action figures, though he was a comparatively late addition to their ranks and only appeared in a pair of episodes in the '80s series. He had the power to control plants, as well as being able to camouflage himself and act as a spy. Revelation reimagines him as one of the fundamental protectors of Grayskull, more akin to a god than a mortal hero. Evil-Lyn kills him after her ascent in the same manner as the Champions of Preternia.

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Skeletor’s panther mount was a part of his character from the beginning, a counter to He-Man’s Battle Cat. He appeared infrequently in the original series, and unlike Battle Cat, he couldn’t speak. Skeletor rides him to Castle Grayskull to confront Evil-Lyn in Revelation Part 2, Episode 4, “Hope, For a Destination.” He’s killed in the ensuing battle when Evil-Lyn turns him to stone mid-leap, and he shatters to pieces after falling to the floor.

Beast Man

Beast Man was traditionally something of a whipping boy for Skeletor: loyal, but exceedingly dim and constantly wreaking various evil schemes with his bumbling. The first half of Revelation gave him a minor redemption arc, as he joined Teela in her quest to restore Prince Adam. He turned on the heroes in Revelation Part 1, Episode 5, “The Forge at the Forest of Forever,” and rejoined his master Skeletor along with Evil-Lyn. He helps Evil-Lyn embrace her potential and eventually becomes her minion. Cringer knocks him into Grayskull’s moat during the final battle in Part 2, Episode 5, “Comes with Everything You See Here.” He presumably perishes there, though he could conceivably re-emerge from the moat in a subsequent season.

The entire 10-episode first season of Masters of the Universe: Revelation is now available on Netflix.

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