MCU Theory: Could Mephisto Be in Season 2 of Hit-Monkey?

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Season 1 of Hit-Monkey, now streaming on Hulu.

Marvel’s Hit-Monkey sends its first season with the door wide open for a second, and while no official word has yet leaked of a follow-up, its creators have a number of ideas on how to proceed. That includes anything from a reborn Lady Bullseye to the search for Bryce’s wife and daughter, whom he left with a suitcase full of money when he began his life as an assassin for hire. But it closed with a potential firebomb, subtly presented such that it could go either way. It suggests that Mephisto may finally make his onscreen debut outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The infernal staple of Marvel Comics has become a veritable “Where’s Waldo?” among MCU fans, teased almost to the point of cruelty in WandaVision and even leaving a few clues in Loki’s universe-busting first season. But ­Hit-Monkey may have dropped the most overt hint yet, and considering its placement, it bears watching. A potential Season 2 appearance – possibly even a central role – may be more than speculation.

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Throughout its first-season run, Hit-Monkey made numerous and overt connections to the version of the Marvel universe in which it takes place. That includes such Easter eggs as a picture of the Kingpin and the appearance of the Silver Samurai, who is specifically (and correctly) referred to as a mutant. It also includes copious references to other planes of existence, not only in Bryce’s half-hearted efforts to “ascend” but in figures like the vengeful spirit Yuki and Hit-Monkey’s dead troupe leader who periodically addresses him from beyond the grave. There’s even a subtle cut – literally – concerning Ogun, an in-canon killer who wears a demonic mask and possesses sorcerous powers allowing him to return from the grave.

Bryce’s state of spiritual limbo ends during the events of Season 1, Episode 10, “The End, Part Two.” Having completed his quest for vengeance, Hit-Monkey is smuggled onto a plane out of the country, where he is reunited with Bryce after the dead hitman appeared to have ascended to a higher plane. As it turns out, it was a lower plane. Much lower. Bryce describes a landscape of fire, dragons and “Slayer playing” – all of which he seems more than happy with – before “The Red Dude” offers to make him a deal to return to Earth. He signs it, admitting that he didn’t read it and didn’t care because “it’s not like he's ever gonna hold [him] to it.”

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The implications may be more serious than they sound. The show’s other dangling plot thread concerned Bryce’s family, and presumably a second season would follow up on their location. An infernal figure coming to collect Bryce’s soul makes a great potential twist for that thread, as well as keeping the show’s themes of morality and consequences front and center. And after the various underworld denizens who served as the first season’s villains, it can provide a more cosmic nemesis to help keep the show fresh, as well as a means of giving the new Lady Bullseye a power boost to set her apart from her now deceased predecessor.

And if “the Red Dude” does indeed make an appearance, it’s hard to imagine it being any version other than Mephisto. He’s served as an effective Satan figure for Marvel since his first appearance in 1968’s Silver Surfer #3, and an appearance here would be well in keeping with how Hit Monkey has handled that side of the Marvel Universe. As a foe, he could provide a new take of Lady Bullseye’s perceived invulnerability in the first season, as well as a villain who can’t simply be shot in the head. He might even make an effective straight man, since Hit-Monkey is happy to rob its villains of their dignity without making any of them less threatening.

The irony is that doing so might just beat the MCU to the punch. Mephisto’s non-appearance in WandaVision has heightened interest in the character, and with no final word on when or whether he’ll arrive in the larger franchise, Hit-Monkey might just slip in to take advantage of it.

To see how Hit-Monkey sets up Season 2, the first season is now streaming on Hulu.

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