MHA Season 6 Art Teases a Deku and Tomura Shigaraki Showdown

Izuku "Deku" Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki take the spotlight in a new teaser image for the next season of My Hero Academia.

The new artwork was released directly through the official MHA Twitter account. The producers of the series are setting up the long-awaited clash between the heirs of All Might and All For One to be the centerpiece of the anime's sixth season, which will adapt the eventful Paranormal Liberation War arc from Kohei Horikoshi's original manga. Both Deku and Shigaraki honed their powers and expanded their movesets during the anime's previous season, and many fans are excited to see how the clash will look when it's fully animated. The sixth season of the popular shonen anime was originally announced last September, when a short video that once again teased Deku and Shigaraki's upcoming fight was released shortly after the broadcast of the fifth season's last episode. A premiere date for the next season has yet to be announced.

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Of course, fans who read the My Hero Academia manga already know how that battle shakes out, as Horikoshi's manga has already moved past the Paranormal Liberation War arc and onto the next part of the story. The manga recently returned from its most recent hiatus and is continuing to build towards the series' upcoming climax. Horikoshi has previously stated the MHA has already gone on for longer than he had originally anticipated, and Weekly Shonen Jump announced earlier this year that the superhero saga had already entered its "final act."

While it appears both the anime and manga are barreling towards their inevitable conclusions, it appears the franchise's popularity isn't in any danger of subsiding anytime soon: Funimation recently announced that the third movie in the series, World Heroes' Mission, has made over $40 million USD during its international theatrical run, with $10 million of that coming from the United States alone. The movie is only the 11th anime release in history to clear the $10 million USD mark in United States. World Heroes' Mission was similarly successful when it was released in Japan last summer, where it outperformed both of the previous movies in the franchise and set a new series record.

My Hero Academia was first published in 2014 in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump and has since achieved a worldwide circulation of over 50 million copies. The manga is available in English and distributed internationally by VIZ Media. All five seasons of the anime are available for streaming on Funimation, Crunchyroll, Netflix and Hulu.

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Source: Twitter

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