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This year's Gamescom Opening Night Live definitely stepped up to the plate in terms of exciting news, especially so for Marvel fans. The long-rumored comic book title from XCOM and Civilization developer Firaxis Games was revealed in the form of Midnight Suns, a tactical RPG that draws inspiration from the '90s storyline of the game name. Though some key details about Midnight Suns remain shrouded in mystery, the game is regardless an exciting addition to the recent games released in association with Marvel.

Midnight Suns promises to be very different from its contemporaries, such as Crystal Dynamics' multiplayer live-service title Marvel's Avengers and Eidos-Montréal's upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy. With a diverse set of playable characters, new additions to the wider Marvel Universe and an incredibly unique aesthetic unlike the other superhero game offerings, Midnight Suns is primed to be a very interesting title to keep an eye on in the coming months.

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What is Midnight Suns?

While we have yet to see gameplay, developer Firaxis Games announced Midnight Suns with an impressive cinematic trailer, beautifully underscored by Alessia Cara and The Warning's cover of Metallica's Enter Sandman. In it, fans get a good look at the hellish vibe Midnight Suns is going for and a look at the roster of heroes that they will get to play as.

The trailer also gives gamers the first look at the enemies they will be taking on in Midnight Suns, with an intimidating array of nightmarish demons led by a resurrected Lillith, the mother of all demons. With Lillith revived, the heroes must revive a new character, The Hunter, in order to put Lillith back in the grave. The Hunter, who is actually Lillith's daughter, is a completely original character for the game who will be customizable, allowing for a sense of personalization for the player.

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How Similar Is Midnight Suns to the Comic Storyline?

While details on the plot of Midnight Suns are rather scarce, Firaxis Games did give some insight on the central conflict driving the story and the brand new original character at the heart of it. For fans of the obscure and supernatural realms of the massive Marvel Universe, the title Midnight Suns might sound familiar, but they should be sure to check their spelling. The Midnight Sons were a superhero group that enjoyed a brief run in the 1990s. In an interview with CBR, Firaxis Games discussed how this new game was created with an eye to pay homage to that old-school series.

Midnight Suns is a tactical RPG, though it is reportedly less in line with Firaxis Games' past work on the XCOM franchise and closer to a Fire Emblem-style tactical game. Whilst there is yet to be any footage on what gameplay will actually look like, the developers have given plenty of details on what to expect. On top of the tactical combat that Firaxis Games is now very well versed in, having spent years honing their craft in previous games, Midnight Suns also includes plenty of customization, as well as a decided focus on managing the relationships the player has with the heroes in their team.

While not much is known about the specifics of the gameplay, that should be cleared up when Midnight Suns premieres its first gameplay on September 1st.

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When Does Marvel's Midnight Suns Release?

Although players were excited for a March 2022 release of Midnight Suns, it wasn't meant to be. Firaxis Games announced on November 3 that the game would be undergoing a slight delay to the second half of 2022. While the few-month delay is definitely a bummer, gamers eager to dive into this otherworldly Marvel adventure still don't have too long to wait. However, without a precise date, time will tell just where in that release window Midnight Suns finally lands.

From everything so far, Midnight Suns looks to be a promising entry in the lineage of Marvel video games. With a release window already in focus, expect to see and hear plenty more about the demonic action as the game inches ever closer to release.

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