Mortal Kombat! It’s Robin Versus Green Arrow's Son… to the Death

It is a duel to the death as robin fights hawk in Robin #8.

The upcoming issue of the series will feature the final round of the Lazarus Tournament, DC Comics' Mortal Kombat-style death match that has been the focal point of the series thus far, even beginning with Damian Wayne having his heart ripped out in fatality fashion. Now, Damian enters the final round, where he is up against Connor Hawke--Oliver Queen's son and former Green Arrow. A preview for the issue highlights how evenly matched the two fighters are, and how their rematch will be nothing short of intense.

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The two legacy heroes last squared off in Robin #3. After the two bonded over poking fun at their fathers for common feats and gimmicks like "themed vehicles" and "putting children in danger," the League of Shadows arrived and reminded Hawke that he owes them a debt, and he should not be allies with the Son of the Bat. At their command, Hawke was forced to fight Damian, ending with the young Robin being thrown off of a cliff, saved at the last second by his grandfather, Ra's al Ghul.

The tension and conflicting emotions from this interaction resurface in the panels of the preview, which show an intense staredown between the two. Rose Wilson AKA Ravager, who was killed by Hawke in the previous issue, explains that they are waiting to see who will make the first move, but the art also indicates that they are both thinking about the laughs they shared in Issue #3, but how they ended with a tragic end. The rules of the tournament state that every fight is to the death, so someone will not walk away from this duel least for a time anyway.

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Damian also learned the true identity of Mother Soul in the issue prior, the leader of the League of Lazarus being none other than Ra's al Ghul's mother--Damian's great-grandmother. All the death and revivals from the tournament have been fueling a massive Lazarus Pit within the island the fighters have traveled to, with the preview hinting further at what the League's plans are. According to one of its members, "Instead of [them] putting someone in this time...something will be coming out" of the pit.

The preview and solicitation for the issue can be found below.


Robin #8 is written by Joshua Williamson with art by Gleb Melnikov and Max Dunbar. Hi-Fi is responsible for colors, Troy Peteri for letters, with main cover art by Simone Di Meo and a variant cover by Francis Manapul. Dave Wielgosz served as Associate Editor, Paul Kaminski as Editor and Ben Abernathy as Group Editor for the issue. The book goes on sale Nov. 23 from DC Comics.

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Source: DC Comics

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