What Are Ms. Marvel's Superpowers and Why Would the MCU Leak Change Them?

In the grand scheme of things, Kamala Khan is still new to the Marvel Universe. However, in the short time that she has existed, she has gained massive popularity with her fanbase. Now, she is finally making the jump into live-action with the upcoming Ms. Marvel series coming to Disney+. Information is still being revealed about what direction the show will take, but it's recently been revealed that Ms. Marvel's abilities will no longer be what they are in the comics. Instead, her powers appear to be more construct-based. But what does this mean for her character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

In the comics, Kamala is an Inhuman and self-proclaimed polymorph. These powers allow her to stretch and change her body at will. She can also heal herself and is more durable than the average human. Her powers were recently brought to life in the game Marvel's Avengers, where she stretched and grew to defeat enemies. Since her first appearance, Ms. Marvel's powers have become a defining factor of the character, but what could come of her apparent changes in the TV series?

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Why Were Ms. Marvel's Powers Changed?


In the comics, Ms. Marvel was not the first stretching character introduced. In fact, the most popular was Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four. One possible reason why her abilities are being shifted could be to distinguish her character from the classic hero since the Fantastic Four film is still being developed. So while she wouldn't be the first hero to share a similar power set, she would be the first to have similar powers without a connection between them.

Ms. Marvel's new energy constructs also appear similar to the powers of an X-Man named Armor. Armor's abilities allow the character to form a protective energy shell around her, similar to what Kamala is doing in the concept art. While she may not change appearance like in the comics, these constructs could still allow her to embiggen and grow in size or stretch her fists in Ms. Marvel. The best part is the CGI renders could look even better since stretching skin could be more challenging to create for a TV show. These constructs could also be an opportunity to focus on Kamala's equally impressive healing factor and increased durability, leading to a more positive reaction to the change.

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Does the Change Connect Kamala's Powers to Captain Marvel's?


The MCU has shown that Carol Danvers obtained her abilities through energy from the Tesseract. However, Kamala Khan's MCU abilities don't appear to have a similar origin. Instead, her powers may derive from a bracelet she wears with her costume. While that may seem to put some distance between her and her idol, having energy-based powers may bring the two closer together.

Carol's powers allow her to absorb and redirect energy from any source. Meanwhile, it looks as though Kamala uses hers to form crystalline objects to battle with. As a result, the two seem more like two sides of the same coin, which could help show how Carol, Kamala and Monica Rambeau all have unique powers that exist in a similar spectrum. The two heroes' similarities were mainly relegated to their names in the past, but now their connection could be even deeper.

Will Kamala Still Be an Inhuman?


Most MCU fans haven't forgotten when the Inhumans graced the small screen in a ten-episode mini-series. Sadly, the show didn't fare well with audiences and was ultimately canceled. As a result, Inhumans as a race have yet to be reintroduced into the universe. For now, it seems like the idea of distancing continues with Kamala's abilities seemingly having no ties to the Inhumans or the Terrigen mists. That being said, Marvel Studios is no stranger to playing the long game, and it's possible that if the Inhumans do reappear, Kamala could evolve to have her comic book powers at a later date. The best part of a decision like that is that it could help reestablish the Inhumans and show Kamala as a capable hero with all-new abilities. There's a lot left to uncover with the MCU's Ms. Marvel, but a change in her abilities could ultimately be a positive thing.

To see how her powers manifest, Disney+'s Ms. Marvel series is coming in 2022.

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