Ms. Marvel's New Powers Could Benefit the MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been growing at an even faster rate thanks to shows like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki expanding the lore and digging deeper into its characters. These shows have also offered an opportunity for new characters to be introduced. One example of this is Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, who will be getting her own series titled Ms. Marvel, which stars Imani Vellani as the titular hero. However, it's recently been revealed that her character may be getting a change in her abilities. While it seems like a departure, her new direction could impact the MCU significantly.

In the comics, Kamala is an Inhuman who can stretch and morph her body into any shape and size. As a side effect of this power, she also has an accelerated healing factor and enhanced density, so she can throw even more powerful punches. However, promo art for her upcoming series appears to have erased her comic abilities and instead opted for crystal constructs that form and shape similar to her comic book powers.

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At first, it's a surprising change as the MCU doesn't constantly change a character's powers as drastically as hers. Kamala's polymorph abilities mirror her personality as someone who isn't afraid of a challenge and will physically overcome them if she needs to. However, while her new crystal-based powers may seem like a slight to the character's spirit, they could actually reinforce her character even more.

Crystals have been known to have holistic and spiritual qualities. One of the more common qualities tied to crystals is their ability to heal. As a character, Kamala is an incredibly nurturing soul, and that trait has followed her into the Marvel's Avengers game, where she single-handedly kickstarts the reformation of the Avengers and supports them in their most challenging times. Her role in that game is also as a support/healer, where she will boost the team's health and her own. Her loyalty to the team is always reflected in her abilities, and with crystal-based powers, that could take a more literal form. Not only could Kamala heal herself, but she could also use her crystals to heal others, further reinforcing the essence of the character in a new way.

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Offensively, Kamala could also explore her enhanced durability thanks to her crystal powers. Now, her immense strength and impenetrable shell will be more visually distinct to audiences. Crystals also have the ability to bend and channel light, which could make her a conduit for her teammates' powers in The Marvels. For Carol, Kamala could channel and redirect blasts or even amplify how Carol absorbs energy. However, Monica Rambeau's light powers could be enhanced as Kamala bends and reflects her blasts, creating new light spectrums for Monica to use. By embracing her role as a support and healing hero, Kamala could use her powers to enhance other heroes while also growing in strength.

The MCU doesn't make changes to characters' abilities unless it better fits the universe they inhabit. In this case, changing Kamala's abilities could broaden her horizons in ways never seen before. This could also give her the necessary boost to fight in the big leagues with other famous Marvel heroes. What's clear is that the character's spirit is still intact, even if her abilities aren't the same. In fact, these new skills could deepen her characterization even more.

To see how her powers could work, Disney+'s Ms. Marvel series is coming in 2022.

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