What Ochaco Uraraka's Zodiac Sign Says About Her

The story of My Hero Academia features a colorful cast of characters, many of whom are student heroes at the U.A. school -- Japan's top school for trainee heroes. Izuku Midoriya is the shonen star of My Hero Academia, but plenty of his classmates at U.A. get their turn in the spotlight too, illuminating their strengths and weaknesses, their diverse Quirks and most of all, their personalities and backstories.

In many cases, these characters can be accurately described with their astrological sign, and that includes Ochaco Uraraka, Izuku's good friend and admirer. Ochaco's birthday is December 27th, making her a Capricorn, and sure enough, she has demonstrated many Capricorn qualities throughout the My Hero Academia anime.

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Ochaco Uraraka's Personality As A Capricorn In My Hero Academia

The Capricorn astrological sign is one of the four earth signs, describing anyone born from December 22nd to January 19th, and the symbol is a goat. True to this sign's element and animal, Capricorns such as Ochaco Uraraka are stubborn, strong-willed, diligent and confident. They are tough and immovable, like the earth itself, and will patiently work their way toward any goal they set for themselves. Capricorns have a good work ethic and aren't afraid of a challenge. Notably, this sign is ruled by Saturn, a planet noted for representing imagination, desire and being down-to-earth. In addition, Capricorn is represented by the color brown, representing the firm earth, and Ochaco really does have brown eyes and hair.

All this describes Ochaco Uraraka fairly accurately, especially since she mirrors Izuku's slow but steady growth as a shonen protagonist. In fact, Izuku is Ochaco's role model, and she follows Izuku's example as Izuku diligently and patiently develops his technique with One For All. Ochaco wasn't born with a genius intellect or a devastating Quirk, so her best bet is to patiently accumulate her strength and skills as a trainee hero and not get ahead of herself. She is a realistic and honest person.

This is the true spirit of a Capricorn, and Ochaco is unshakably confident that she will succeed as a true pro someday. She has her moments of doubt, such as after her defeat at the hands of Katsuki Bakugo in the U.A. sports festival, but she picked herself right back up and kept moving, undeterred. Ochaco is certainly also down-to-earth, given that she is conscious of money and isn't vain or superstitious. She cares only about the practical applications and purposes of everything around her, and she won't let herself get carried away by her imagination or ambition.

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Ochaco's Capricorn Moments In My Hero Academia

Ochaco was once asked what motivates her to become a great hero, and at first, she was embarrassed to tell Izuku and Tenya Iida why she wants to go pro. Ochaco admitted that she's in it for the money, and she intends to send her parents all her earnings to support them and repay them for raising her. Izuku and Tenya were impressed and assured Ochaco that this was a noble motivation, not a greedy or materialistic one. Like a true Capricorn, Ochaco is patient, realistic and down-to-earth about her family's situation and the financial aspect of a hero's career, as opposed to a fire sign, which would go on grand adventures, or an air sign, which would whimsically flow from one endeavor to another during their heroic career.

Ochaco's best Capricorn moment was during the U.A. sports festival when she faced steep odds in her duel against Katsuki Bakugo and his Explosion Quirk. Ochaco was the underdog and she knew it, so she decided on a simple but resourceful plan: to lure Bakugo into aiming low, thus creating many chunks of debris. Ochaco lifted them all with her own Quirk, and when the time was right, rained them all on Bakugo's head. When that plan was foiled, Ochaco stubbornly persisted until her strength finally gave out.

Despite being reduced to tears over her defeat, Ochaco soon regained her composure and resumed her training diligently, including learning close-quarters combat with Gun Head and devising a simple but effective combo with Tsuyu Asui, Meteor Fafroskies. Ochaco slowly but surely climbed the ranks in U.A., but she's humble enough to not presume she will become the new #1. She's realistic enough to not pressure herself into surpassing the likes of Shoto Todoroki or Momo Yaoyorozu.

Ochaco also had a touching Capricorn moment when she met up with her parents during her time off, embodying the Capricorn sign's love of family and supporting them. Ochaco's parents are the main reason Ochaco is pushing herself this hard, and this short scene made it clear just how much the three Urarakas mean to one another.

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