Futaba Faces Down Her Body Image Struggles

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for My Senpai is Annoying Episode 2, "Udon With the Occasional Full Moon," now streaming on Funimation.

My Senpai Is Annoying is a brand-new office rom-com anime starring the petite Futaba Igarashi as its heroine, who longs to prove herself in the eyes of her boss and co-workers. Futaba also has the towering Harumi Takeda as her senpai and guide, but their relationship becomes more awkward by the day.

Futaba believes she must succeed or fail on her own and refuses other people's patronizing help. Her quest to prove herself worthy also includes her body image, which she worries will fail to impress anyone, even when friends and family assure her otherwise. As Episode 2 of My Senpai Is Annoying makes clear, she wants an upgrade.

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In Episode 2, Futaba spends the morning in anguish, horrified that she blurted out such personal things to Takeda at the bar in My Senpai Is Annoying's premiere. Now she faces an even greater, deeper insecurity -- her body image. Futaba approaches her co-worker Sakurai for help, comparing herself unfavorably to her well-endowed peer. Having struggled with her body image since junior high, she now resolves to enhance her womanly image -- even when Sakurai kindly assures her that nothing is wrong with her appearance. Futaba's insecurity persists, and she begins her makeover by going clothes shopping with an old friend, Natsumi Kurobe. At least Futaba trusts one other person with her needs, and isn't an absolute loner.

Futaba and Natsumi pass by a vendor selling handheld plushes, and Futaba buys two -- then stuffs them under her clothes in a store's changing room and admires the end result. She appears to have a much larger bust, but her insecurities grow further when Natsumi teasingly takes a photo without being prompted. Then Futaba boards a train, realizing too late that she still has a stuffed chest. She can't back out of her predicament here, even if she fears looking ridiculous to others. As if to confirm her fears, Takeda and Kazama board the train by chance, and both spot Futaba.

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Futaba feels worse than ever, certain that Takeda and Kazama found her ridiculous. Suddenly, Takeda uses a judo technique to knock down a businessman on the train station, revealing the stranger had used a camera to indecently peek at Futaba. Takeda later makes it clear he likes Futaba the way she is, regardless of chest size, and didn't even notice a difference. He is a generous man who appreciates people as an entire package, and wouldn't ever criticize Futaba based on her appearance or body shape. Instead, he cares more about protecting her happiness and dignity, like a protective father or big brother. For Takeda, it's about what's on the inside, and Futaba feels grateful.

My Senpai Is Annoying has given Takeda and Futaba's relationship little romance so far -- especially since Futaba denied her feelings to Sakurai and Natsumi -- but at least she has a protective and caring senpai who focuses on what is important. He may tease Futaba due to her small size, but he would never judge her based on that. Takeda wants Futaba to be happy, safe and successful as a junior employee. Futaba cannot yet find a way to impress him romantically, but she does have a secure foundation from which to start -- and she can be certain Takeda will never be shallow or judgmental to her. Takeda's heart is a tough, but fair, nut to crack.

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