Naomi's Ava DuVernay Explains Comic Creators' Involvement With the Arrowverse Series

Naomi executive producer Ava DuVernay explained what role comic book creators Brian Michael Bendis and David Walker had on the adaptation of their character.

At a press conference attended by CBR, DuVernay spoke about Bendis and Walker handing over their creation and letting the team behind the show run with it. "They've been the antithesis of toxic masculinity," DuVernay said. "They have said... this is our baby and you take her in, you raise her in the way that you want. So they have been lovely being very hands-off, very supportive. They are not involved in a day-to-day way. And that was something that they gave us as a gift as artists and creators, [saying], look, we're not gonna micromanage this process. We love Naomi. We would love to see how she is in the hands of two women and you all take it and do your thing."

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"We were just talking with David Walker last night -- just such a lovely, lovely person," DuVernay continued. "Both of them have been amazingly supportive of us going off and kind of independently taking Naomi where she'll go in the series. Which will be a different path than where she'll go in the next season of the comics. And I think Naomi is a muscular enough character that she deserves and can hold multiple iterations of artists interpreting her. Just like Spider-Man, just like Batman, Naomi should be able to have those interpretations -- multiple interpretations as well. So we've enjoyed that freedom."

Of course, the medium is deep in the show's DNA, as Naomi's character is an avid comic reader. "I think that [Naomi] being so authentic and not afraid to show how much she loves comics and show how cool she is and show how cool she's dressing -- not for others, just for herself -- allows other people to gravitate towards her," Walfall said. "I also think that she has great people skills, [especially considering that] she's moved around her entire life, [having been] adopted into a military family."

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The show won't shy away from including other comic book figures, as the Naomi trailer revealed Superman and a Thanagarian warrior will both play roles on the series. But as for the larger world of The CW's superhero shows, Season 1 of Naomi won't feature any Arrowverse crossovers. Instead, it will work to establish its own universe -- before inevitably expanding it.

Naomi premieres Jan. 11 on The CW.

Source: The CW

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